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In order to successfully obtain a Masters qualification, you will need to obtain a number of credits by passing individual modules. Most taught Masters will have a number of core modules which you must take and pass in order to obtain the qualification. The assessment of research Masters is almost always entirely by a single dissertation module or project.

A Master in Diplomacy is a degree with the purpose of teaching students about diplomacy, international law and contemporary international politics. Students will have the skills required to provide statecraft, policy and international relations advice.

The Republic of Lithuania is the official name of the country. It is found in Northern part of Europe. Lithuania appreciates science and technology in their education system highly. It has the basic aspects of primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. Lithuania is another leading country in the provision of arts, science, engineering as well as technological courses. Lithuania has faced several challenges in higher education the last years that led to the creation of 20 universities to enhance its accessibility.

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Master of Political Science: Diplomacy and International Relations

Vytautas Magnus University
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Lithuania Kaunas

The graduate program in Diplomacy and International Relations was launched in September 2001. It was prepared [+]

Best Masters in Diplomacy in Lithuania 2017. Unique Features The graduate program in Diplomacy and International Relations was launched in September 2001. It was prepared and organized with support of the Seton Hall University (USA), School of International Relations and Diplomacy, and also with the support of Stasio Lozoraičio Fund. Currently this program is one of the most popular graduate study programs at the university. Since 2012/2013 all the program courses are delivered in English. Access Requirements Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, the Humanities or other Social Science field is required. Applicants who have not studied in a Political Science undergraduate programme, should have 24 credits in Political Science. Competencies Acquired Graduates of the programme obtain the following skills: - To conduct theoretical analyses of significant problems in the field of international relations and diplomacy - To be prepared to perform practical work in the field of international relations and diplomacy using gained theoretical background - The ability to independently identify and analyse the main challenges in the practical sphere of international relations and diplomacy. - To be able to evaluate fast-changing social practices and to flexibly apply it in the Lithuanian and international labour market. The ability to learn independently, and apply this ability in following and evaluating relavent international events. To obtain familiarity with the high culture of professional thinking. Career Opportunities Graduates will have the possibility to work in various state, non-governmental and private institutions, Lithuanian government institutions (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs), diplomatic missions (embassies, business,... [-]