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Top Masters Programs in Bergen Norway 2019

Students from all over the world have chosen Bergen as a destination for graduate education. Bergen is a charming city surrounded by beautiful scenery, including the stunning fjords. There is plenty for students seeking a Master in Bergen to do in their spare time, such as hiking, visiting the excellent museums, experiencing the vibrant nightlife, and getting to know the friendly locals.

Bergen is home to world-class universities with excellent graduate education programs. Some of the Master in Bergen degrees available are in the fields of business, environmental studies, and management, as well as several other areas of study. With a Master in Bergen, students can expect a challenging curriculum structured to provide students with the skills, knowledge and training necessary to be competent professionals in their field. With a Master in Bergen, students often have career opportunities in Norway, Europe, as well as globally.

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CEMS - The Global Alliance in Management Education

The CEMS MIM is a postgraduate, pre-experience degree open to a select group of students enrolled on a Master’s programme in one of 28 leading institutions ... [+]

CEMS MIM Master’s in International Management

CEMS is a strategic alliance of business schools, multinational companies and NGOs that together offer theCEMS Master's in International Management (MIM). TheCEMS administrative office is located on the HEC campus close to Paris, with the programme and corporate relations being managed by a dedicated team within each member school. You will find all CEMS member universities by using the keywords "CEMS" in theMaster in Management Compass search engine or by clicking on the CEMS partners list below.

The CEMS MIM is a pre-experience postgraduate degree open to multilingual students enrolled in a Master's in Management program at one of the CEMS member schools. Students study at their home university for one semester and then spend a second semester at a different CEMS member school. Some students may even opt to take both semesters abroad, in two different schools (the “tri-national track”). Other key components of the course include: core courses in Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management, elective courses, skill seminars, business project and an obligatory international internship.... [-]

Norway Bergen
September 2019
1 year
VID Specialized University

Would you like a thorough knowledge of theological issues and learn to work independently with theological subjects in an academic context? ... [+]

The study programme has two academic traditions at the centre of its academic approach. First, theology, understood as the historical study of the Bible and the Christian tradition, combined with a contextual approach towards how religious faith and practices are lived out locally and globally today. Second, religious studies, which broadens its scope also towards other religious traditions and other religious texts. Common for the approaches is a common methodological interest for the study of texts and contexts, the interest for religious encounters, and a focus on contextual and lived religion.

Content and Admission Requirements Master of theology and religious studies, specialization in theology ... [-]
Norway Oslo Bergen Sandnes Stavanger  + 1 More
August 2019
2 years
Online & Campus Combined