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For many students, completing a bachelor’s degree is only a stepping stone to loftier goals. Obtaining a master’s degree can open the door for more career opportunities by qualifying students as experts in their field of choice.

What is a Master in Nonfiction Writing? It is a program designed to give students a deeper understanding of the craft of writing by offering courses that cover a variety of nonfiction writing styles, such as technical, standard copy, or even creative stories based on real experiences. Students can learn to develop a distinctive writing voice and to adapt it to different styles of nonfiction writing.

Students who obtain a degree in nonfiction writing may gain several crucial skills that can help further their careers. Creative thinking and organizational skills are essential for any writer, allowing for unique expression and prose that flows smoothly. Students may also cultivate great time-management skills.

Because many schools offer classes both in person and online, there is no single cost for a master’s degree. Each university has its own tuition fees, so it is best to research schools thoroughly to ensure they are able to meet the goals of the students.

Students who have a solid grasp of the mechanics of nonfiction writing have a nearly endless variety of jobs available to them. Some choose to be self-employed, while others prefer to be copywriters for a company. Many may pursue careers as technical writers. Some enter the advertising field, using their skills to help with marketing, and others become travel or business writers, working for companies and creating brochures and work-related documents.

Many universities find that offering online classes as well as on-campus options gives students the flexibility they need to balance school with their personal lives. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Master's Degree in Literary Creation

Universidad Central - Colombia
Campus Full time Part time 4 semesters January 2019 Colombia Bogotá + 1 more

This masters, attached to the Department of Literary Creation, has the objective of training professionals with mastery of the processes and techniques that pertain to research and literary creation, capable of gathering the voices, perceptions, views and sensitivities to configure a order of the world from fiction or literary non-fiction. [+]

Turn the word into raw material for your masterpieces.

Title awarded: Master in Literary CreationType of training: MasterMethodology: PresencialPlace of development: Bogotá, DCEstimated duration: 8 bimestresAcademic credits: 59Value per credit: $ 437,217 (2019)Registration fee : $ 5,683,821 (for first semester students)

Discount for prompt payment

The U. Central offers you $ 300,000 discount in the value of your registration. Applies to new students entering in 2019-1, paying until December 20, 2018.


Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Creation process

In the process of literary writing there is a problem to be solved, an aesthetic intention that needs a form, an artistic duty that leads to inquiry through the word. Therefore, for creation to take place, a continuous research process is indispensable in which the writer -from a certain state of language, of certain forms of history and culture- produces and modifies cultural and human realities. The "creative praxis", as a search for the nonexistent text, becomes the program's proposal for a different form of research.... [-]

Master in Literary Creation

VIU - Universidad Internacional de Valencia
Online 1 year October 2019 Spain Valencia

To the scarce academic offer that is detected in the field of creation, is added the absence of ambitious curricula that address the trade of writing from an eminently practical and interdisciplinary approach. [+]

There are Scholarships and Aids options

To the scarce academic offer that is detected in the field of creation, is added the absence of ambitious curricula that address the trade of writing from an eminently practical and interdisciplinary approach.

Definition of the program

The main objective of this degree is to offer an advanced training in the writing profession that is oriented to the professional specialization and the insertion in the editorial circuits of the students. The model of e-face-to-face teaching, characteristic of the VIU practice, is part of this.

What makes this master unique?Interdisciplinary and integral approach where literary creation, textual edition and illustration are connected.Attend to the study of the editorial reality from a strategic and commercial point of view.Three mentions: Literary fiction, Literary nonfiction and mixed genres and Narrative children and youth.Cloister composed of writers awarded with first class literary awards on an international scale.The TFM valued with the highest grades can be awarded with a professional reading report by the team of publishers of Grupo Planeta.Closing ceremony with a literary evening held in Madrid at the end of the Master, where students whose work has achieved the highest marks will be able to participate.Professional outings... [-]