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Top Masters Programs in Utrecht Netherlands 2019

Utrecht is a dynamic and attractive small city in the Netherlands. As one of the Netherlands oldest cities, there is a long and rich history evident in many of the medieval structures throughout the city. Students pursuing a Master in Utrecht have plenty to explore, see, and do, such as cycling, swimming, boating, shopping, and cafes. There is also a large student population creating a vibrant atmosphere.

There is a wide range of high quality Master in Utrecht programs that students can choose from, including design, business, music, and fine arts. Academic institutions are world-class with excellent and professional faculty to guide students through the Master in Utrecht programs. Many students find that a Master in Utrecht is an outstanding educational experience combined with cultural and professional development.

Scroll through the Master in Utrecht programs below and you may find the education that will help you meet your personal and professional goals!

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Utrecht University

This Master’s programme focuses on Human Resource Management (HRM), in terms of serving both the organization’s interests (good performance) and those of employees (for e ... [+]

What does an organization need to do in order to perform well? And what qualifies as ‘good performance’ by a public organization? Recruiting the best employees, investing in training and development, coaching-style management, giving employees autonomy, providing suitable remuneration – or a smart combination of all these elements? Who is responsible for putting personnel policy into practice? How can you encourage effective implementation? How do organizations engage with their social environment, and how do they fulfill their social responsibility? What is the public dimension of strategic Human Resource Management? What impact does internationalization have on an organization’s Human Resource Management practices? If questions like this spark your interest, then the Master’s programme in Strategic Human Resource Management is just the thing for you.... [-]

Netherlands Utrecht Middelburg
September 2019
Utrecht University

The HCI master's programme offers you an integrative and cutting-edge approach to the rich area of HIC research and development; combined viewpoints of information scienc ... [+]

Ready to shape the future?

The omnipresence of computing quickly takes shape. Computing is everywhere nowadays: from mobile phone apps and personal trackers to robots. This raises questions such as; when and how should computing devices adapt to individual users? Can we think of entirely new approaches to the interaction between human and machine? And as computing pervades more and more areas of our lives - while artificial intelligence enhances further and further - can we ensure that our privacy is safeguarded? Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) investigates all of these questions!


The HCI master's programme offers you:

An integrative and cutting-edge approach to the rich area of HIC research and development; Combined viewpoints of information science, computer science, and psychology; And a solid methodological and technological basis, with strong links to research, performed in an applied setting. ... [-]
Netherlands Utrecht
September 2020
2 years