Distance learning Master Programs in Natural Sciences in Spain 2020

Natural sciences are a scientific branch that deals with observations, understanding and predictions of natural phenomena. It is a diverse field and includes disciplines such as biological science, physics, chemistry, Earth science and astronomy.

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Masee. Master in sustainable architecture and energy efficiency (barcelona)

La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 9 months Request Info Spain Barcelona + 2 more

The Master in Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency (MASEE) of La Salle trains its participants in the sustainable design of cities and buildings from a practical and contemporary view.

Master's degree in regional planning and environmental management

UNIBA Centro Universitario Internacional de Barcelona
Online Full-time Part-time 10 months Request Info Spain Barcelona + 1 more

This puts you in master knowledge and skills that will allow you to study spatial planning and environmental management and deepen in all fields that explore the relationship between society and territory.

Inter-university Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics

Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Online Full-time Part-time 9 months October 2020 Spain Tarragona + 1 more

The URV-UOC online Master's Degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics (ECiM) offers interdisciplinary training in the areas of engineering and applied sciences. The ECiM programme includes cutting-edge topics such as computer modelling and simulation, numerical methods, parallel and distributed computing, knowledge representation, networks and graphs, and applied optimisation. The aim of the degree is to prepare students for...

Master's degree in computational mathematics

Jaume I University (Universitat Jaume I)
Campus Online Full-time 1 - 4 years September 2020 Spain Castellón de la Plana + 1 more

The overall aim of the course is to train in Computational Mathematics, a comprehensive and integrated manner, professionals in the field of mathematical modeling of problems in the industry and company. The profile is entitled versatile, combining a solid mathematical basis with an excellent technical background in computer science and is prepared for the use of sophisticated tools with the ability of a mathematical abstraction.

Master in Neurocriminology of Aggressive Behavior

INISEG Instituto Internacional de Estudios en Seguridad Global
Online Full-time Part-time 9 months September 2020 Spain Madrid Zamora + 2 more

The master's degree in Neurocriminology of Aggressive Behavior is an official degree of II livello (second level) of the Pegasus University of Italy, which gives access to the doctorate due to its adaptation and reception to the Bologna plan and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) ).

Master in Bioethics

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)
Online Part-time 2 years Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona

The Master in Bioethics is an academic program aimed at training professionals specialized in the study and research in bioethics. The program follows a multidisciplinary study methodology from a scientific, anthropological, ethical and legal approach.

Master in Water Engineering and Urban Waste Management

Online Full-time September 2020 Spain Spain Online

Form yourself with Structuralia , the leading training school in the Spanish-speaking world in the sectors of Construction, Infrastructure, Energy and Engineering.

International Master in Geotechnics and Foundations

Online Part-time Request Info Spain Spain Online

Form yourself with Structuralia , the leading training school in the Spanish-speaking world in the sectors of Construction, Infrastructure, Energy and Engineering.

Online Master in NeuroCommunication

ESCO E-Universitas
Online Full-time Part-time 9 months Open Enrollment Spain Granada + 1 more

NeuroCommunication is communication from the perspective of neuroscience. This raises new ways of understanding and developing human communication, much deeper and more precise. Deepening the study of human communication through Neuroscience is an imperative that makes a very important professional difference today and for the future. In this program we give the knowledge, the keys and the tools to make a more effective communication in the field of the company, the organizations, the media and the policy.

Online Master in NeuroMarketing

ESCO E-Universitas
Online Full-time Part-time 9 months Open Enrollment Spain Granada + 1 more

Neuromarketing is a qualitative leap that greatly enriches traditional marketing thanks to the advance of Neuroscience (science that studies the biology of the brain, our behaviors, emotions and reactions). This discipline explains, from the depths of the functioning of the brain of consumers, their attitudes, emotions, preferences, impulses and behaviors to apply them in marketing, which is especially relevant for decision-making regarding communication. Finally, this Online Master in Neuromarketing provides the essential tools for updating the professional satisfying a growing and accelerated demand.


Fundació Universitat de Girona: Innovació i Formació
Online Full-time Part-time 19 months Request Info Spain Girona + 1 more

Geographic information is a strategic element in today's society. The incorporation of geographic information systems (GIS) in companies and institutions is increasing, as is the demand for qualified professionals to manage geoinformation projects. In this context, the UNIGIS program offers a professional master's degree in GIS with the objective of improving skills and acquiring new skills related to the treatment, analysis and management of geospatial information, and adapting them to the needs of the world of work.