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Natural Sciences

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

In a natural sciences academic program, many branches of the field might be explored in depth with the goal of observing and learning about nature. Some of these branches may include astronomy, biology, physics, ecology and chemistry.

Colombia is a truly diverse and unique country, located in the northwestern corner of South America. With friendly people, exotic landscapes and cosmopolitan cities, Colombia is definitely the place to learn Spanish.

Bogota has diverse system of universities and colleges. The students who come or choose to study here have a wide choice of options on which institutions to join. All the institutions are of high quality though; it’s just choosing on which part of the city you want to study.

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Masters in environmental management and assessment

Universidad Sergio Arboleda
Campus Full time January 2019 Colombia Bogotá Santa Marta

The Master is open to professionals from various disciplines, executives and leaders with experience in environmental issues related to private enterprise and organizations [+]

Master of Environmental Management and Assessment

The Master is open to professionals from various disciplines, executives and leaders with experience in environmental issues related to private enterprise and governmental and nongovernmental organizations, which face management challenges and environmental assessment. Also, is aimed at teachers from higher education institutions interested in deepening their knowledge in applied research in environmental management. Applicants must be creative people and researchers, with provision for teamwork and openness, enabling the optimal exercise on learning processes based on participatory methodologies and active learning.Justification For Sergio Arboleda University is of a fundamental nature contribute to the solution of global environmental problems, through the creation of a graduate academic program, consistent with the policies of environmental protection and culture derive from its mission. With this new proposal are assumed academic institutional commitments to advance environmental research and knowledge give society and experts to provide competently the purpose of achieving the natural balance of the planet and improving environmental quality, within a framework of equity and social justice. If it is agreed that the management and basic management theories and environmental sciences in the service of environmental protection, are tools that can lead to solving many of the environmental problems, what better than institutions of higher education to to. In this vein, Sergio Arboleda University, intends to continue becoming a space that will analyze, understand and propose solutions from academia to environmental issues from the perspective of management. Sergio Arboleda University is located in these two planes... [-]