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Monaco is a small and very diverse country with a large portion of the population being from foreign countries. It is an interesting location that many students have chosen for graduate education. The international population makes for a multicultural experience among the French influences apparent in Monaco. In addition, there is much to do for those seeking a Master in Monaco, including sports, outdoor activities, beaches, sea activities, and many other sights to see.

There is only one university in Monaco and all courses are taught in English. The Master in Monaco programs are ranked high according to international standards. The programs that students can choose for a Master in Monaco are in the fields of business, finance, peace and conflict studies, economics, marketing, and hospitality. Students from around the world who have received their Master in Monaco degree have experienced top-notch education in this exciting country.

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Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport

International University of Monaco
Campus Full time 16 months September 2017 Monaco Monte-Carlo

The Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport (MSPS) has been designed with the contribution of individuals and experts from the worlds of peace, sport and academia. [+]

Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport


Peace building, peace promotion and peace education are long term and multifaceted endeavors.


Building sustainable peace requires specific skills in diplomacy and conflict resolution, but it also implies implementing ambitious educational processes for future generations.


Promoting sustainable peace involves teaching, learning and transmitting a set of values that help transcend political, social, racial and religious differences that, today, are often at the origin of conflicts.


It is crucial in complex environments to keep a pragmatic approach and act at the heart of vulnerable communities where tensions are latent, peace is fragile and social cohesion is weak.... [-]