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A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


Graduates of a Master of Science degree in Mechatronics will be able to create Mechatronic products, which increase performance and efficiency in various industries. The degree itself is a combination of both electrical and mechanical engineering and seeks to fulfill industrial needs that require both fields.

Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is a country located in Southwestern Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is 900 years old, and even though it has a relatively small area, it played a crucial role in world history. Universidade do Porto is most popular by foreigners which consist of 11% international students.

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Master's Degree In Mechatronics

Universidade de Évora
Campus Full time 2 years October 2017 Portugal Évora

The second cycle in Mechatronics Engineering aims to empower its students with 3 skill levels. [+]

Best Masters in Mechatronics in Portugal 2017. PRESENTATION The second cycle in Mechatronics Engineering aims to empower its students with 3 skill levels: general 1.Competências - Professionalism in Engineering, ability to work in team and leadership; reading ability and comprehension of scientific and technical articles; capacity analysis results; ability to propose new original solutions in the context of development or research; capacity utilization acquired knowledge for solving complex and unfamiliar problems in multidisciplinary contexts; specific 2.Competências - ability to use advanced mathematical methods in the design and design of new Mechatronic equipment; enabling the development of Mechatronic equipment; ability to create and modify simulation software; capacity development and implementation of automated systems for the manufacture or testing of industrial products (integration of different technologies, pneumatics, electronics, machine vision); ability to prepare the planning of the manufacture of new products. 3.Competências professionals - development of professional activity in the design industries, manufacture and assembly of products and mechanical and electronic components, including the automobile and its sub-suppliers, automation companies, enterprises or maintenance departments, consulting firms and certification services and inspection, technical and commercial activities and research and design activity in research laboratories. Careers automated industries (Automotive, Food, components, Renewable Energy); Metalworking Industry (Mechanical Production, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems Engineering); Consulting Technical / Scientific industrial enterprises; Industry automation and simulation software; research and development units (ID) in Mechatronic equipment. [-]