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Marine Biology

Marine biology focuses on studying life in the sea and other water environments. The health of animals in a marine environment and the state of the water itself can have a lasting impact on life on land, which is why studying marine biology is so important.

Cagliari is an Italian city with a large number of the language teaching centers. In Cagliari one may learn all languages spoken in the whole of Europe. If you want to acquire multiple languages, this is the right place for you.

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Master in Marine Bio-Ecology

University of Cagliari
Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Cagliari

The course of Science in Bio-Marine Ecology aims to supplement the basic knowledge, acquired through the Bachelor's degree in Biology. In particular, the course of LM aims to provide students with an advanced level of education for the exercise of a highly qualified activity in the field of the environment in all its complexity, with particular attention ... [+]

final test characteristics.

The final exam consists of the discussion, in open session of a thesis exclusively experimental character, which brings an original contribution, prepared under the guidance of a supervisor, the thesis will be written in Italian or English.

The experimental activity contributes to the formation of a biologist with marine setting by completing the knowledge acquired during the course of studies with the aim of developing autonomy in research, critical skills in the analysis and evaluation of experimental data, as well as skills in experimental practices related to research biological applied to the sea, its resources and conservation. During discussion of the dissertation, the student must, also, demonstrate that they have assimilated well the topics covered during the studies in order to be able to play a leading role for the activities for which it is named.... [-]