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French Literature

Students who have earned their Bachelor of Science and wish to pursue a more advanced degree often enroll in a master’s program. While most programs require the defense of a thesis, the course requirements and time commitment vary with each educational institution.

What is a Master in French Literature? Although individual programs are different, many have similar components. Applicants generally need to be proficient in French and have a firm grasp of the country’s history. Students can usually expect to analyze different genres of literature including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Specialized courses of study may be broken down by time period, region, author, or subject. Graduation requirements may be course-based or research-based, depending on the program.  

A Master in French Literature can help you to cultivate skills that will fortify your value in the workplace and help you earn the salary you have always wanted. Students often develop invaluable critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills that may be used in the analysis or teaching of texts.

The cost for earning an advanced degree may range from one institution to the next. With a variety of course options and time requirements, each program is unique. Contact the admissions office of the program that interests you to inquire about tuition, financing, and scholarship opportunities.

Though some dream of being a professor, Master of French Literature graduates need not limit themselves to a career in education. Many students work in the international branches of lucrative industries such as business, law, and finance. Marketing and communications associates and specialists are popular choices for recent graduates. Government and diplomatic assignments are also common among scholars of French literature.

A master’s degree program can help you develop the knowledge and experience you need to maximize your potential. To find one that is right for you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MA in Literature - Culture - Media, French

Lund University
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Sweden Lund

The aim of this programme is to strengthen students historical knowledge and theoretical understanding of relations between literature, culture and modern media [+]

Programme overview

The aim of the programme is to strengthen students’ historical knowledge and theoretical understanding of relations between literature, culture and modern media. The student can choose to specialise in English, French, General, German, Russian, Spanish, or Yiddish literature, and in Scandinavian studies. There are theoretical courses, discussing aesthetic and cultural topics of a general nature, as well as courses focused on specific literary genres, themes or historical periods. Critical attention is also given to the many forms in which literature enters the media and the public arena in contemporary society. The final examination takes the form of a Master´s thesis.... [-]