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A master’s degree is part of postgraduate study, and these programs are typically full time residencies that require one or two years of work. The requirement to begin studying for a master’s degree is having a bachelor’s degree.

What is a Master in Biological and Life Sciences in Brazil? Biological and life sciences make up the study of all living things. This field is typically heavy on hands-on research and diligent laboratory work. In this discipline there are sometimes two groups of biological and life sciences, systems of ecology and systems of human biology. For students intrigued by ecosystems, they may spend time learning about the environment. Some possible class topics could be ecology, marine biology, animal biology or plant science. Students who may want to focus solely on the human aspect of biology may take classes such as anatomy, cell biology, neuroscience and microbiology.

After completing a master’s course schedule in this area, future scientists can become true experts in the understanding of the aspects of life. Additionally, a master’s degree in this industry can help propel your future earnings to the maximum.

Citizens of Brazil are entitled to a free, public education, which includes post secondary study. Residents who are not citizens may have to invest money into their educational program, and costs may vary.

With this degree, your career possibilities can be multiplied greatly. Students who focus on the ecology side of life sciences may have career options that deal in those topics. The most popular occupations for those students can be veterinarian, environmental scientist, marine biologist or biotechnology specialist. Graduates who pursue knowledge in human biology coursework may find their employment possibilities within public or private health industries. Some examples of positions that follow that expertise include health policy analyst or research scientist. Another option is to continue education with medical or dental school in order to become a dentist or doctor. 

Taking online classes can help you prepare for the requirements of a future career in this domain. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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