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A Masters degree is an academic degree awarded to individuals who successfully denote a higher level of expertise. There are two main types of Masters - taught and research.

Journalism refers to gathering, organizing, and presenting information in a written or broadcast form. Journalists are writers and communicators who ask the important and sometimes uncomfortable questions to help individuals make sense of the events unfolding around them both locally and internationally.

In Brazil, there are three types of degree: Bachelors - takes between four to six years to complete and students can work as teachers after finishing four years of research. Masters - takes one to two years to achieve; Doctoral/PhD - the highest degree you can study and takes three to four years to achieve. These three degrees loosely correspond to the three cycles of the Bologna Process - the European system of higher education. This means that if you have achieved an undergraduate degree at a European university, you should be qualified to achieve a Masters in Brazil.

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Master In Digital Communication, Web Journalism And New Media

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full time 368 hours March 2017 Brazil Aracaju

Car alun @ s @ s often a newly graduate comes to the labor market, looking for a good salary. However, a company will not offer a high salary to a professional who often end up training internally. It is then necessary to reach the market already with some expertise to be able to negotiate a good salary. [+]

Best Masters in Journalism in Brazil 2017. Differentials Course Car alun @ s @ s often a newly graduate comes to the labor market, looking for a good salary. However, a company will not offer a high salary to a professional who often end up training internally. It is then necessary to reach the market already with some expertise to be able to negotiate a good salary. In this sense, the specialization course in Digital Communication, Web journalism and new media has to cover this gap, consolidating with the distinction of being face, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, with theoretical and practical activities, teachers and doctors teachers with professional activities and research focused on the area. By purchasing our certified specialist, many working professionals doors will open as you may act in communication consultancies, advertising agencies, digital media companies, websites and internet portals in content management processes and monitoring of social networks. Also, you may be able to act as a multiplier of that knowledge in the teaching area for higher education. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now! With classrooms with multimedia, library, equipment and computer labs and computer graphics, areas of special access and other facilities guaranteed to teachers and students, and production of materials, we are able to offer you the best benchmark of the market! They are all very welcome to a new phase in your career and your professional life! Good luck to everyone! Goals General: Strengthen the training of professionals able to deal with the communication and information technologies related to new formats of digital language and social media; know theory and practice of online communication and media convergence to work in research, teaching and use fundamental and practical concepts of interactive communication, offering the level of knowledge necessary for them to act digital communication activities using the communicational paradigms in perspective of interactivity among digital environment interconnected by the internet promoting conceptual and technical and scientific updates. specific: analyze needs and / or problems that require communication solutions in digital media and present the updated scenario of digital communication area in the global and local market; update on metrics and measurement tools on social networks, monitoring processes, creation of mobile media, mobile universe and Digital Marketing strategies. understanding of audiovisual content publishing processes aiming at the convergence of media and sharing networks, development, implementation, analysis and monitoring of project results and products for Digital and Interactive Media; understand concepts of planning, analysis and interpretation of digital media data, media outlets, business and online campaigns, process management, strategic planning in the construction of interactive products, business model; work market concepts and online consumer, multilateral communication, digital rights, digital marketing and online campaigns; network marketing, e-commerce; freeconomics and free economy; understand strategies for building and brand management on the Internet; concepts, features and trends in the digital market; importance of building and managing brands on the Internet, processes and planning stages, strategies, actions, vehicles and tools, management of brands on the Internet. TARGET AUDIENCE Communication professionals (Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising), Marketing, Business and Professional graduates of undergraduate courses focused on web or in other areas that are interested in developing in the field of communication strategies in digital media. METHODOLOGY The course will be developed through various teaching / learning techniques in order to allow active student participation in the construction of knowledge. Will be used according to the nature and desirability of each subject, various methods such as case studies; games and simulations; conferences; lectures; seminars; directed studies; group work; practical classes in the laboratory; discussions and exchanges of experience. [-]