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A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

Journalism refers to gathering, organizing, and presenting information in a written or broadcast form. Journalists are writers and communicators who ask the important and sometimes uncomfortable questions to help individuals make sense of the events unfolding around them both locally and internationally.

Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe is a neighbor of Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Poland. Czech universities offer long-standing reputation and interesting specializations.

This is the largest city in Czech Republic, and it's one of the most important research and education centres. The many education institutions located here ensures students both local and international have a wide choice of programmes to engage in during their stay. Education is impacting this city very positively in terms of social-economic growth.

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Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)

Master in Society, Communication and Media (SOCOME) is a two-year graduate program, which provides students with the knowledge and analytical skills in the fields of medi ... [+]

Master in Society, Communication and Media (SOCOME) is a two-year graduate program, which provides students with the knowledge and analytical skills in the fields of media studies and sociology. The program helps students to understand and analyze the role of mass media and social media in contemporary societies. Graduates will become familiar with the knowledge of classic and up-to-date theories of mass society, mass media, and social media, which are essential for future experts in the field. Moreover, graduates will gain an in-depth knowledge of the methodologies and applications in the study of media and society. In addition to providing students with a robust background in theoretical knowledge and methodology, the program emphasizes the development of students’ critical thinking and practical skills in the field of empirical social research. Thanks to the broad scope of competencies acquired and deepened during their studies, graduates become highly valued experts in many professions in the fields of the media industry, public relations, applied social research, public administration, local and global governance, NGOs, think-tanks, political parties, and academia.... [-]

Czech Republic Prague
October 2019
2 years
FAMU Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

If you have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in film or a related field, have a wealth of experience in film editing and wish to expand your knowledge and skills, enroll for ... [+]

The goal of the Montage Master’s program:

You will master montage as a natural way of your artistic expression and you will stand side by side with the director as his creative partner.You will have the expert ability and skills to solve various issues in composing sound and image. You will be able to approach the editing of an audiovisual work in a comprehensive manner, respecting and developing the director’s vision and the nature of the work in progress in a creative manner while using contemporary art and technology trends. You will get film editing into your blood, the montage will become your way of thinking.

Consistent work under a mentor’s leadership ... [-]
Czech Republic Prague
September 2019