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A Masters degree is an academic degree awarded to individuals who successfully denote a higher level of expertise. There are two main types of Masters - taught and research.

Bankers, investors and accountants intending to further an understanding of Islamic finance or secure accreditations in related practices might find those goals achieved through an academic program. Topics in these courses might include Sharia compliance issues and market trends.

Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal parliamentary republic consisting of 26 cantons, with Bern as the seat of the federal authorities. Switzerland's independence and neutrality have long been honored by the major European powers. Switzerland is a peaceful, prosperous, and stable modern market economy with low unemployment.

Geneva is known for diplomacy. That’s probably why their university is specialized in humanist sciences, with the addition of medicine. Private university, institutes and private schools are also specialized in laws, political science, international affairs, history etc.

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MScF in Islamic Finance

Geneva Business School (GBS)
Campus 18 months February 2018 Switzerland Geneva

The Master of Science in Finance with a major in Islamic Finance is a comprehensive post-graduate program for people who are seeking a detailed understanding of the concepts and mechanisms of Islamic Finance, banking, and insurance industries. [+]

The Master of Science in Finance (MSc.F) with a Major in Islamic Finance is designed to give you, as a future entrepreneur, the knowledge base, and skills to start your own successful businesses. The program provides an in-depth, practical education in business and management theories and principles. You will become an effective critical thinker and successfully identify business opportunities by effectively using analytical tools and problem-solving.

Over the course of this program you will:

Gain knowledge of global business topics and issues. Acquire expertise in the legalities of business startups. Obtain management, organizational, and strategic planning skills for the launch of new projects and business start-ups. Program ... [-]