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Compare Masters Programs in Investigative Journalism

Many college students decide to pursue a master’s degree after receiving their undergraduate degree. A master’s both enhances students’ understanding of the chosen discipline and expands their expertise in the field. Those who want to delve deeper into a profession may want to consider a master’s degree.

What is a Master in Investigative Journalism? A program like this focuses on building an aspiring reporter’s understanding of how to better manage the investigation of a complicated news story. Beyond collecting and scrutinizing leads, interviews and information, the program can also introduce students to burgeoning investigative techniques, including technology, such as drones, and ways to tell a story, including podcasts and digital media.

Graduates generally leave the program with strong research skills. They should have a better understanding of how to report the news, including new media, and what media best fits a particular news story. They can also develop production skills, applicable to broadcast and digital journalism, allowing them to work behind the camera.

Compare schools when looking for the right college. Where a student decides to study has the greatest impact on tuition costs. Public and private schools can differ greatly. The time to complete the coursework can vary as well. A part-time student may take more time than a full-time student. In general, most master’s degree programs take two years or so to finish.

Graduates may find work in broadcast, print and digital media. Popular professional titles include editor, reporter and producer. Some investigative journalists go on to anchor national and local news at broadcast and cable stations. Others can turn their skills to documentary filmmaking and producing, becoming directors or screenwriters. Some may even become content marketers at businesses, using their skills to tell stories about the business.

Schools from around the world offer a Master in Investigative Journalism degree. Those same schools may also offer some classes or degrees online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master of Advanced Journalism

University of Technology Sydney
Campus Full time Part time 1.5 - 2.5 years January 2019 Australia Sydney + 1 more

The Master of Advanced Journalism equips students with the skills, deep knowledge and adaptive capabilities to build a career in today's rapidly changing and often highly disrupted media landscape. [+]

Students gain hands-on experience in reporting, editing and related production and design skills in a wide variety of text, audio and visual mediums. They have the opportunity to use, experience and think about emerging areas of journalistic practice, including drones, virtual reality and computer-assisted reporting, and work with leading practitioners in investigative, sports and entrepreneurial journalism. The overarching aim is to foster agility and innovation in the local, regional and global media landscape. This course is part of an articulated program of study and is suitable for anyone interested in learning how to fully harness the power of journalism, from existing media professionals and journalism graduates needing to upgrade skills or try new things to people interested in realising the full potential of digital disruption.... [-]