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Students pursuing an advanced degree in international management seek to further their business studies or broaden the scope of their knowledge. Some programs enable persons who hold bachelor’s degrees in other fields to change careers or advance in their current positions.


What is a Master in International Management? This exciting field of study equips graduates to enhance their careers in a variety of areas. Advanced business courses offered through this program adopt a global prospective in approach and are accompanied by studies specific to the governments and economics of other countries. Students learn how to operate in unfamiliar environments and adapt to multi-cultural situations. Foreign language skills are often a part of the curriculum. In many instances, study abroad is required to increase appreciation and sensitivity for other societies.


Benefits of this pursuit include the development of cultural awareness that broadens a student’s professional and personal life. An understanding of different traditions and practices can lead to growth through the development of adaptability and adoption of new ideas.


Cost will vary by location and institution. Extra courses may be required for applicants with bachelor’s degrees in unrelated fields. Students should research their options and select the opportunity that best fits their goals and finances.


Graduates of a master program in international management are equipped for leadership in environments where global issues are critical in the decision-making process. Career opportunities are plentiful and diverse. Companies with a world-wide scale of operations are in need of professionals who can adapt to a variety of venues and initiate company practices that encompass the requirements of many cultures. Whether a business has offices in other countries or only market their products abroad, international managers are sought for the specialized knowledge and skills they have acquired. Current managers in food service, travel, retail and other fields can realize new prospects for foreign travel through appointment in another country.


A master’s in international management opens the door to career advancement on a world-wide scale. To explore your options, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



44 Results in International Management

Master’s Programme in Strategy and International Management

University of St. Gallen (HSG), School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs
Campus Full-time 18 months September 2019 Switzerland St. Gallen

The mission of the Master’s Programme in Strategy and International Management (SIM) is to provide students with the advanced knowledge of general management necessary for a successful career as respected and responsible managers. The SIM offers an integrative and interdisciplinary approach, because only an approach of this nature is capable of conveying the ability to cope with the complex management challenges of our time.

Master in International Management

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration - Institute Of Business Studies
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Russia Moscow

IBS Master in International Management is designed for students with a bachelor degree, proficient in the English language and aspiring to a successful career in international business.

Master in Management 'Grand Ecole Program'

Groupe ESC Clermont
Campus Full-time 3 - 4 years October 2019 France Clermont-Ferrand

The Master in Management Program (100% taught in English) is 2-year Master Programme that is considered to be one of the best business-related programmes in both France and Europe by the Financial Times Ranking. The programme prepares students for the highest managerial positions in the business world. Students are subjected to a rigorous business and management training that allows them to have the knowledge and skills necessary to be fully operational upon the completion of the programme. Throughout the programme, students will gain various international experiences through spending a semester abroad, obtaining a dual-degree and doing executive internships.

CEMS/Master in International Management

University of Economics Prague - Faculty of Business Administration
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Czech Republic Prague

The International Management programme, with the embedded CEMS MIM programme, takes on the best management students who have an excellent academic track record and the potential to take on a senior international management role.

Master in International Management

LUISS Business School
Campus Full-time 12 months September 2019 Italy Rome

A unique training programme aimed at young graduates who are motivated to become global managers. t combines theory with practice, bridges academia and industry and integrates hard and soft skills.


WSB University in Opole
Online & Campus Combined Full-time Part-time 2 years October 2019 Poland Nowopole + 1 more

Last 2 years and lead to the award of the degree of Master. Our second-cycle degree programs allow you to further develop your skills and competencies. Many of our students pursue second-cycle programs in a field that is not directly related to their prior education. In that way, they can significantly extend their area of professional expertise.

WSB Wroclaw - Master in International Management

WSB Wroclaw
Campus Part-time 2 years October 2019 Poland Wrocław

The program aims at broadening students’ knowledge of strategic management and managerial accounting.

Master International Management

CIS - Scuola per La Gestione D'Impresa
Campus Full-time 1 year November 2019 Italy Reggio Emilia

The Master International Management is a training course in General Management that provides the techniques and methodologies typical of the economy and business management, with particular focus on business internationalization.

Masters in International Management & Strategy

Vlerick Business School
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 Belgium Brussels

Want to compete on the international level? Our Masters in International Management & Strategy gives you the tools and skills to take the first steps towards an international career in business and management.

Master of International Management

Schiller International University - Florida, Heidelberg, Madrid, Paris
Campus Online September 2019 Germany Heidelberg USA Tampa + 1 more

The MIM program has been designed to prepare students who have already completed a course of study in a non-business field specifically for positions in international management. The course work spans a variety of topics relating to business administration, including management, marketing, accounting communications, business law, and economics.

Master in International Management

University of Information Technology and Management
Campus Full-time 2 years February 2020 Poland Rzeszow

In addition to general economic knowledge, students learn various aspects of management in the context of an international business activity. A creative approach to problem-solving in business is developed.

Master’s in International Management

Catholic University of Lille – Faculty of Management, Economics & Science
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 2 years September 2019 France Lille + 1 more

Our Master’s course will immerse you in the heart of international trade as explained by people who are experiencing it on a daily basis. You will acquire a comprehensive strategic vision of the global world while gaining awareness of how your actions can impact the balanced development of our planet.

International Masters program for managers

Campus Part-time 18 months September 2019 United Kingdom Lancashire Japan Yokohama + 2 more

The IMPM is an International Programme for Managers that leads to a Masters Degree. The core programme is a set of five modules of 10 days each that take place over 18 months, organized by managerial mindsets.

Master in International Management (CEMS MIM)

Koc University - Istanbul Turkey
Campus Full-time 12 - 12 months September 2019 Turkey Istanbul

The CEMS Master’s in International Management Program (CEMS MIM) is for students interested in starting careers in Multinational Companies. The CEMS is a pre-experience degree, which admits new graduates and candidates with less than 2 years of professional experience. Students are expected to spend one semester abroad, which will be followed by an international internship.

Master in International Business Management

WSB University in Gdansk
Campus Full-time October 2019 Poland Gdańsk

Graduates of this specialization taught in English acquire knowledge and skills related to the operation of companies in the international dimension. This specialization prepares students for work in international corporations, companies cooperating and competing on international markets or offices cooperating abroad. Specialised subjects in English facilitate the acquisition of professional vocabulary used by international corporations in their daily work.