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International Human Resource Management

For individuals who have completed their undergraduate studies, a master’s program can prove to be very beneficial. As bachelor’s degrees become more common in today’s job market, having a postgraduate degree has gained greater clout. Individuals who decide to attain master’s degrees can obtain higher positions within their current companies or elevate their status within the current job pool.


What is a Master in International Human Resource Management? This degree focuses on the affects of human resource practices at a global level. As with other human resource management degrees, it incorporates management principals and behavioral science theories while placing a special emphasis on specific strategies that help global companies to function properly and efficiently. Professionals who graduate from this program can expect to have a heightened understanding of human resource principles and then learn how to effectively apply them in global enterprises.


A Master in International Human Resource Management helps individuals advance within their current position or within the human resource field. The degree is also versatile with its management and training elements.


No master’s degree has a set price. Different factors affect the price, so it varies between institutions. The location of the school, the common price of study at the particular institution, and whether you study on campus or online are all factors that can impact the cost.


A Master in International Human Resource Management opens a wide door of opportunity. Individuals can choose to stay within the human resource realm with virtually any type of company, or they may venture into management or training positions. With a master’s degree, individuals can expect to secure positions starting in middle management.


For those looking for a degree that is versatile and people-focused, a Master in International Human Resource Management could be the perfect choice. There are a number of quality programs to choose from to meet the specific needs of every individual. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admissions office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master in International Human Resources Management

Campus Full time September 2019 France Paris

This Master's degree in International Human Resources Management is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. [+]

A Unique Program


Worldwide companies need well-trained and operational H.R.M. officers. This program will help you:

Acquire the necessary H.R.M. skills in areas including global staffing, knowledge management, compensation and benefits, mobility, competency management, employee relations, and diversity management. Design and implement H.R.M. policies and practices at corporate, country, site or business unit level. Operate effectively in a multicultural environment. Develop concrete experience in an international setting. Gain cultural awareness and sensitivity. Become familiar with a different organizational culture than that of your home country. Program benefits

Some of the benefits offered by this program include:... [-]

Master in International Human Resources Management

Rome Business School
Online Campus Full time Part time 1 year Open Enrollment Italy Rome + 2 more

Join the most international business school in Europe! The ideal choice for all those who wish to excel as human resources professionals in the job market at the international level. World class training, guaranteed internships in USA, Dubai or Europe, professional and networking opportunities on a global scale. [+]

Starting date: each year, in March and October.

Nowadays Human resources represent a crucial factor for companies and non-profit organisations in order to gain a competitive advantage. The individual’s competencies, motivations, innovation capabilities and overall professional performance quality determine an organisation’s success. From such a perspective, companies and institutions must equip themselves with experts capable of both fully understanding the central role of the individual and of overseeing the related managerial processes, such as selection, hiring, training, communication, development and compensation.

Structure (1 year) Six months of lectures Six months dedicated to international internships and project work Visits at international companies and organisations Guaranteed internship in USA, Dubai or Europe Integrative cultural programme Seminars and events Target Recipients undergraduates or graduates recruiters; trainers; coaches; professionals who operate in contexts other than human resources entrepreneurs who wish to acquire an advanced education in human resources management. Contents ... [-]

Master in International Human Resources Management

GEMA Business School
Campus Full time Open Enrollment Italy Rome

The Master Program is tailored for those who have a strong interest in international aspects of Human Resource Management either through previous study or through current or past responsibilities for human resource activities in the public or private sector. [+]

Why a Master's degree in International Human Resources Management?

Informed by current research, advanced scholarship and professional practice the programme offers an opportunity to extend and develop skills, knowledge and critical abilities at Masters Level in the field of International Human Resource Management.

Through the Programme courses, students can broaden and expand their personal skills in communication, presentation, research, critical analysis and problem solving.

Thanks to the partnership with the University of Greenwich (London - UK), one of the most representative academic institution in the UK, all the training activities (lectures, researches, assignments, project works, etc.) will be held in English by Faculty Members, Visiting Professors and Guest Speakers from English and International business context. ... [-]