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A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

International business is an area of study that prepares students with the ability to think globally, bring a variety of cultures together, and manage international businesses. Cultural sensitivity, business plan writing, and even learning another language may be part of the curriculum.

The china higher education for a couple of years has been voted as one of the best among the Asian countries. This country has over 150 both public and private owned universities distribution on all provinces of china. The higher education is research based.

Owing to Beijing’s status as a cultural and political capital of China, many local and international students have flocked in this city, to study in various colleges and universities. The city offers great opportunities to higher education enthusiasts especially to those aligned towards technology.

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BFSU Solbridge International School of Business

This program is designed to help students learn how business operations and decisions are shaped by a global market environment. It focuses on the use of analytical tools ... [+]

International Business(MIB)

This program is designed to help students learn how business operations and decisions are shaped by a global market environment. It focuses on the use of analytical tools to help business leaders make better and more informed decisions by enhancing their understanding and analysis of the risks, challenges, and opportunities faced by businesses in the international arena.

The focus on Chinese business environment, Chinese language and work internship opportunities in China are additional features of this comprehensive program.

Develop essential skills in Analytical Decision Making Understand the nature of International Business and its impact on business models Explore specific problems related to business strategy in an International business environment How analytical tools of management science lead to better operational and strategic decision making, especially when decisions need to consider an international business environment Explore strategic decision making for operating in an international business environment Understanding a changing and emerging business environment like China and challenges and opportunities for global multinational (both Chinese and non-Chinese) companies The opportunity to learn Chinese which will become an important business communication language skill on your CV Core Courses Elementary Chinese Econometrics and Quantitative Methods Research Methods Microeconomic Theory Macroeconomic Theory Operation Research International Business International Marketing Cross Culture Communication and Management Mergers and Acquisitions Study Duration ... [-]
China Beijing
September 2019
2 years