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International Business

A master's degree is a postgraduate academic degree. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master's program. Most master's degree program would require students to complete a master's thesis or research paper.

International business refers to commercial activities that involve the transactions of services or goods across two different borders. Students who are interested in this line of work may choose to take classes focused on both business and cultural issues.

Africa is a continent of 53 independent countries and a rich mix of native peoples, cultures, economies and history. Africa is the second largest continent in the world.

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Master in International Business Full Time

ESCA School of Management
Campus Full time 2 years August 2018 Morocco Casablanca

The International Business program focuses on developing advanced skills in management internationally through semesters at ESCA School of Management multinational groups, a mandatory semester abroad and a professional mission. [+]

Master in International BusinessThe International Business program focuses on developing advanced skills in management internationally through semesters at ESCA School of Management multinational groups, a mandatory semester abroad and a professional mission.4th yearSemester 7Language, Culture and Communication 7:• Professional Communication •English (TOIC preparation) • Spanish • French and classical Arabic (optional foreign language for ESCA exchange students)Management 2 :• Supply Chain Management • Management et Stratégie des Achats • Droit Social • Géopolitique 1 : MENA & AFRICA • Intercultural Management.International Managent Tools :• International Finance • International Markets Studies • International Risk Management • International Trade.    Semestre 8Language, Culture and Communication 8 :• Communication Strategy • Business Ethics • Business English 1 • Business Spanish / or Spanish (language option for students in exchange for ESCA) • Arabic dialect language option for exchange students at the ESCA).Management 3 :• Geopolitics 2: Geopolitics in the Euro-Mediterranean • Innovation Management • Total Quality Management • business intelligence management.International Environnement :• Doing Business in MENA • Doing Business in Euro-Mediterranean • Euro-Mediterranean Environment • International Purchasing Management • International Sales • Mandarin 1.Experience and professional performance :• Right Arm Mission • Personal professional • project Community life project.5th yearSemester 9Language, Culture and Communication 9 :• Business English 2 • Business Spanish / or Spanish (optional foreign language for ESCA exchange students) • Moroccan dialect 2(optional foreign language for ESCA exchange students) • Moroccan Studies.Geopolitics :• Geopolitics 3: ASIA Opportunities & Risk • International Contracts • Doing Business in ASIA.International Managent Tools 2... [-]

Master of International Business (MIB)

Institut Africain de Management
Campus November 2017 Senegal Dakar

Earn your Master degree in Dakar – one of West Africa’s biggest port cities, and be in the center of this regional hub of diplomacy, economics, and international trade. The IAM Master of International Business (MIB) is a unique hybrid of a degree in business and international affairs to prepare future decision makers for their role in international organizations. Designed to cultivate a global mindset necessary for an international management career, the MIB is entirely taught in English. [+]

IAM’s MIB curriculum develops deep competency in international business practices in compliance with a nuanced understanding of the global business context. It offers a mix of up to date theory and hands on application to sharpen students’ skills and insight building on contextual intelligence and the ability to recognize the impact of geopolitics, law, culture, and society on the world of business. While covering the standard global business affairs, the MIB program brings the African continent and its often neglected business opportunities to the shore, using case studies of international companies active in West Africa and beyond. IAM’s and the students’ key to success is expertise, professionalism, and a locally rooted global citizenship. Why choose to study the MIB at IAM Dakar? A generalist program with a special focus on international aspects of business and management to meet the changing needs of today's global companies. An International Business program that also teaches the Business environment of African and other emerging countries. An enriching multicultural learning experience in Dakar, a regional economic hub and port city. A program recognizing the high demand for intercultural awareness and contextual intelligence skills. A program utilizing both practitioner and academic expertise within its faculty and teaching staff. PRACTICAL INFORMATION Program duration Four semesters (on campus) (120 credits) Format An evening course with additional weekend block seminars (30 credits per semester) Entry requirements Bachelor or License level degree with good grade average High level Proficiency in English (≥C2) Degree level Master Program start 2016 Thursday, 10... [-]