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Business Information Technology

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

Business information technology programs give students the skills they need to understand the connection between the information technology industry and private companies. Students will also learn how to apply I.T. principles in a corporate environment.

Austria, officially the Republic of Austria, is a federal republic and a landlocked country of roughly 8.47 million people in Central Europe.

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Master in Digital Business Innovation and Transformation

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems
Campus Part time 2 years September 2017 Austria Krems

Information technology innovations are driving forward the digital transformation at lightning speed – the internet of things, big data, the cloud, social media and mobile working are having an impact on the strategy, structure, culture and processes of all companies. [+]

Best Part time Masters in Business Information Technology in Austria. Master in Digital Business Innovation and Transformation Introduction Information technology innovations are driving forward the digital transformation at lightning speed – the internet of things, big data, the cloud, social media and mobile working are having an impact on the strategy, structure, culture and processes of all companies. In view of these fundamental changes, companies need to start preparing to meet these new demands in good time, and to capitalise on the digital transformation as an opportunity to respond to structural challenges with intelligent concepts; businesses should also use digitalisation and networking as a means to develop further. That's where our study programme comes in: The part-time Master programme prepares you for the role as a digital change agent. It is held in English and focuses on the economic skills necessary to develop digital strategies for organisations. Key skills The degree programme is designed to help students develop specific transformational capabilities that enable them to manage and support digitalisation processes in various corporate environments. Graduates will act as change agents in corporate digital transformations. The skills students acquire as experts in business process innovation are based on a combination of business administration expertise with IT know-how as well as key competences including communication, cooperation, problem-solving and development capabilities, data mining and design thinking skills. After completing the degree programme, graduates are able to understand the specific requirements placed on digital business models as well as the criteria for their success in a full range of core business administration activities and in all phases of the value creation process. This means graduates are in a position to plan, manage and comprehensively drive forward the digitalisation of production, service and sales processes. *subject to the accreditation of AQ Austria Programme details The Digital Business Innovation and Transformation part-time master programme lasts four semesters and is taught entirely in English. Objectives of the degree programme The programme is designed to give students a broad-based, non-industry-specific education covering digital transformation, digital business innovation and business administration. It provides graduates with the skills required to assume operational and strategic management responsibilities in a forward-looking company. By completing an English-language degree programme, graduates build on their existing language proficiency to acquire additional language skills and the requisite specialist vocabulary that allows them to work in an international environment. The degree programme also gives students the know-how required to identify digital trends at an early stage and successfully transform existing processes. Graduates are fully equipped to initiate a shift from analogue to digital organisational structures and to drive forward and implement the integration of digital technologies. Degree programme structure The programme lasts for four semesters including final examinations. Students select the topic for their master thesis at the end of the second semester. Core elements of the degree programme Interdisciplinary qualifications Business administration (e.g. strategy and organisational design, change and transformation management, innovation controlling, human development and communication) Digital transformation (e.g. data management and data analysis, digital trends, human-computer interaction) Research and master’s thesis (research seminar, preparation for master thesis) Entry requirements Students who have obtained a bachelor or postgraduate degree/Austrian Diplomstudium in a relevant business or technical discipline (or a combination of business and technical disciplines), or provide proof that they have completed a degree with a workload of at least 180 ECTS credits in one of the aforementioned disciplines at a recognised institute of higher education in Austria or abroad, are judged to have fulfilled the academic entry requirements for the English-language Digital Business Innovation and Transformation master degree programme. The Rectorate is responsible for assessing compliance with the entry requirements on a case-by-case basis. Further requirements Proof of English language skills Students whose previous academic qualifications were taught entirely in English are exempted from submitting a certificate. Students whose native language is not English must provide proof of their English skills by submitting one of the following certificates or one of the specified types of confirmation: IELTS Academic Training - minimum score: 7.0 Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) – level C1 TOEFL - (IBT) - minimum score 95 Language certificates should be no more than two years old and can be submitted by the start of the degree. In this case you have to upload a copy of the confirmation of enrolment for one of the accepted language certificates. Further information For male applicants holding Austrian citizenship it is strongly recommended that they have completed their compulsory military or alternative service, or received a dispensation. Career prospects The non-industry-specific Digital Business Innovation and Transformation master programme aims to develop specialists who are able to initiate, manage and implement the digitalisation of business processes in public- and private-sector organisations, both in Austria and abroad. The career profile is geared towards employment in complex fields and equips graduates with the tools required to achieve success in a challenging, rapidly changing interdisciplinary and cross-cultural environment. Due to the diverse range of skills that they acquire during the programme, graduates are able to work in the following areas: Change management with a focus on digital technologies Project management Digital supply chain management and logistics Designing and integrating digital business models Business-oriented IT management Strategic management with a focus on digital business management E-commerce, and e-marketing in retail and various kinds of service company Applying digital technology in big data analysis, and optimising production lines by means of digital simulations of the entire production process Degree awarded In order to be awarded a Master of Arts in Business degree you must successfully complete the required examinations and submit a master thesis which demonstrates your ability to independently conduct a research project, in line with the latest academic and professional requirements. Graduates will be awarded the degree of Master of Arts in Business (M.A.) and 120 ECTS credits. As a graduate you are eligible to apply for doctoral degree programmes at universities in Austria and abroad. [-]

Master in Management, Communication & IT

Management Center Innsbruck, University of Applied Sciences
Campus 4 semesters October 2017 Austria Innsbruck

The goal of this study program is the training of potential entrepreneurs and management executives for the domestic and international IT industry. [+]

The significance of information and communication technologies (ICT) in our society is constantly growing - furthermore internationalization and the flexible combination of businesses and their structures are key success factors for modern companies. Innovative IT solutions improve competitiveness and define the communication between enterprises and customers. Therefore the job market increasingly requires highly qualified personalities capable of efficiently running and designing businesses on the background of a strong management education combining communication and computer sciences.

An intensive dialogue with global business experts in connection with research and practical projects shall help our students to outperform in their future entrepreneurial career following our motto: Creating Business through People and Technology.... [-]