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Heating and ventilation programs prepare students to examine and construct systems that transfer heat and air, such as gas and steam turbines and boilers. Students learn about practical applications in a variety of fields, including chemical manufacturing, the oil and gas industries, metallurgy enterprises and mechanical engineering.

Chelyabinsk city is situated in the north-east of Chelyabinsk Oblast in Russia. Having a population of over 1million people, it has more than 12 universities and is the main center for vocational education in the whole Ural region in Russia.

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Chelyabinsk Oblast
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South Ural State University

The objects of professional activity: thermal and nuclear power stations, energy supply systems of enterprises, objects of small power, installations, systems and complex ... [+]

In the course of the program special attention is paid to theory and practical application of heat and mass transfer, recuperators, regenerators, systems and devices for transporting liquids and gases, heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, equipment of thermal power plants, boiler units operating on all types of organic fuel, steam and gas turbines, as well as some of the applications of these systems and their features in various industrial enterprises. These systems are in high demand in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy enterprises, mechanical engineering, chemical, oil and gas industries.

Russia Chelyabinsk
September 2019
2 years