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A masters degree in the German language provides students interested in learning the language an opportunity to further their studies in the language. The students of the program get an opportunity to learn German literature, the language and the German culture to an advanced level. The program is undertaken by individuals who have gone through a bachelors program in German language, literature or culture. However, for the masters program, advanced concepts and courses are taught to the students. By the end of the program, a student is expected to gain a deeper and more specialized understanding of the German language.

The masters program also offers other useful and relevant courses as part of the program to ensure that the student is enriched with knowledge to make them competitive in the job market. Studies undertaken during the program include: history of the German language, German literature, grammar, and linguistic theory. The students are also allowed to choose an area of specialization from the various courses offered and specialize in the field. German proficiency and translation is taught throughout the masters program. Emphasis is made on scholarly thinking as well as the working methods. This ensures that the students are equipped with the necessary hands on skills that will enable them to compete favorably in the job market. Career opportunities are available in such places as: academia and in the public sector, law and international non profit businesses.

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Master in Germanic/Romantic Languages

Belarusian State University
Campus Full-time 1 - 2 years August 2019 Belarus Minsk

In accordance with the Republic of Belarus educational legal system citizens of Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan have a right to get Master degree in BSU on the following conditions: studying for free or paying a tuition fee as the Belarusian citizens do; on the conditions foreseen for foreign citizens temporarily staying or residing in the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter – “foreign citizens”) – based on the results of final assessment after obtaining educational program for people going to apply for higher education and an interview establishing their level of Russian in the amount enough for studying for Master’s degree.

Master of Arts in German

University of Amsterdam
Campus Full-time 12 months September 2019 Netherlands Amsterdam

With a Bachelor’s in German, you can continue your studies of the language, literature and culture of the German-speaking world through one of the following Master’s degree programmes.

The Teaching of German as a Foreign Language Program

Hellenic Open University
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Greece Patras

The aim of this M.Ed. is to prompt German Language, Literature and Philology graduates’ professional development as teachers of German as a foreign language by actively engaging them in theoretical and practical studies in the domain of language teaching methodology, and in accordance with the ever-increasing demands of the current local and international labor market.

Master in Foreign language ( French or German)

Nakhchivan State University
Campus Full-time September 2019 Azerbaijan Nakhchivan

The specialty of the French language operates about 19 years at the faculty of International Relations and Foreign Languages.Currently, 55 students study the French language in the I-IV courses. The specialty of the German language was established in 1999-2000 academic year and 15 students were accepted to the specialty in the same year.