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Obtaining a master’s degree allows students to further their understanding of the given subject beyond what a bachelor’s degree teaches. This degree provides the tools necessary for an in-depth study of a given topic and can lead to higher-paying careers than graduates would have without the master’s.

What is a Master in Geopolitics? These programs further the student’s understanding of international politics, geography, regional societies, and the dynamic interplay between these elements. The typical coursework aims to teach students about the dynamics between global economic, social, and political forces. Furthermore, geopolitics programs help students understand how the politics, economics, and societies in some regions affect countries around the world. Courses in these programs may have focuses on specific regions of the world, current geopolitical theories, and other themes.

A Master in Geopolitics can help graduates navigate our complicated and increasingly globalized world. Students learn to understand the world from different perspectives, which can be essential in any career. Furthermore, students often graduate from these programs with topnotch research and time-management skills.

Students may pay different rates for a Master in Geopolitics. The exact cost of such a degree may vary depending on the location of the school, where the student lives, and the tuition rates of the school. Prospective students should check with each school to learn more about program prices.

Graduates with a Master in Geopolitics can work within corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. Many graduates go on to fill senior management positions in global entities. For some graduates, this means working as diplomats in the United Nations or the European Unions. Other graduates can works as managers and directors for companies that deal with international law, exports, and other geopolitical forces. Furthermore, people with master’s degrees in this field can manage nonprofits that provide aid in war-torn countries.

Students can complete these programs in their communities, online, or as part of a study abroad program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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The Geopolitical and Prospective course, Bac 5 level, aims to:. confirm the student's knowledge and understanding of international relations issues; . make operational it ... [+]

The title "International Strategy Analyst" aims to develop its analytical, action and decision support capabilities in international environments.

To validate this title 3 courses are possible, corresponding to different specialties and universes:

Defense, Security and Crisis ManagementGeoconomy and risk managementGeopolitics and prospective

The course "Geopolitics and Foresight" is delivered in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management. Training also sanctioned by a Certificate in geopolitics and prospective joint IRIS / ESC Grenoble.


The geopolitical and prospective course, Bac 5 level, aims to:

confirm the student's knowledge and understanding of international relations issues;make operational its ability to analyze contemporary strategic issues;to equip it with professional tools and techniques used in a professional context related to international activities and issues.... [-]
France Paris
October 2019
1 year
Online & Campus Combined
Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK)

Geopolitical Studies (GPS) is a two-year English-language Master's degree programme, which seeks to explore the dynamic relationship between International Politics and Hu ... [+]

Geopolitical Studies (GPS) is a two-year English-language Master's degree programme, which seeks to explore the dynamic relationship between International Politics and Human Geography, focussing on essential theories, thinkers and regions. As newer boundaries are created between us and maps constantly re-drawn the world over, in a world that is still being described as borderless, it is therefore important to consider why this is happening. The programme will combine the strengths of the Institute of Political Studies’ strongest departments, Political Geography and Security Studies to create a unique opportunity for students to focus on a key aspect of today’s Political study.

The programme is deliberately structured to take advantage of the multidisciplinary nature of the Institute of Political Studies and the Faculty, and students will be encouraged to make connections between different fields of study, learning to combine a global perspective with attention to detail and local interests. It is an excellent stepping stone in developing an academic career in the field of Political Science, as well as a valuable source of analytical skills and practical background knowledge that can be applied in professional life.... [-]

Czech Republic Prague
Request Info
2 years
Tampere University

The specialisation in European and global politics gives students a solid academic basis to understand the interaction of political processes at the local, national, regi ... [+]

Dealing with change in complex societies

The programme enables developing the kind of knowledge and expertise that is needed to lead and analyse complex change processes. It responds to the need for new kinds of leadership skills which are in demand at local, national, international and global levels.

By interacting with staff members from various disciplines – business, governance, politics and international relations – as well as with different societal stakeholders, students will learn to foster new forms of engagement across sectors of the economy and society. The programme prepares the graduates to work in the private, public or third sector in tasks that involve analysing, planning and steering complex change processes.... [-]

Finland Tampere
August 2019
2 years