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In order to successfully obtain a Masters qualification, you will need to obtain a number of credits by passing individual modules. Most taught Masters will have a number of core modules which you must take and pass in order to obtain the qualification. The assessment of research Masters is almost always entirely by a single dissertation module or project.

Geology is the study of the Earth and all the physical structures enclosed within. Individuals who choose to study geology may learn about earth history, natural resources, climate change, planetary movement, and the life forms that exist on and influence the structure of Earth.

France, officially the French Republic, is a unitary semi-presidential republic located mostly in Western Europe, with several overseas regions and territories.

Top Master Programs in Geology in France 2018

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Master hydrogeology and transfers

University of Poitiers
Campus Full time 2 years September 2018 France Poitiers

The Master Hydrogeology and Transfers of the University of Poitiers aims to train high-level hydrogeologists, able to apprehend the major environmental problems [+]

The Master Hydrogeology and Transfers of the University of Poitiers aims to train high-level hydrogeologists able to apprehend the major environmental problems of groundwater resources management both quantitatively (optimization of the implementation of drilling, determination of the volumes that can be sampled) than qualitative (physicochemical quality of water, pollution problem, ...).

Real practical field work and a competent teaching team

Hydrogeological Experimental Site of the University of Poitiers

HEU is a unique research and training infrastructure in Europe. Thirty holes of more than 120m deep are located on land belonging to the University of Poitiers. These boreholes intercept an aquifer (hydrogeological reservoir) limestone fractured and karstified.... [-]

EMerald – Master in Georesources Engineering

EIT RawMaterials Academy
Campus 2 years September 2018 France Metz

EMerald integrates knowledge of mineral/metal resources and modern engineering technologies to meet this challenge. This two-year Master programme draws from four top-level engineering schools with a long tradition in the fields of geology, geo-modeling and mineral processing. [+]

The Challenge

The future and sustainability of our societies are critically linked to the exploitation of primary raw materials. The need for innovation in this sector is considered as new deposits will be more and more difficult to process, due to their lower quality and the increasing regulations to minimize their impacts on the environment. Such innovations are only possible if a deep understanding of the geology is integrated throughout the whole mine lifecycle, from mining to site rehabilitation. Innovation requires a geometallurgical approach.

Geometallurgy aims at integrating geological characteristics into new resource-efficiency based models. It requires a deep understanding of geology and advanced mineral processing techniques, expertise in geo-modeling, knowledge of state-of-the-art monitoring tools, and an acute awareness of the environmental, economic and societal issues in mining.... [-]