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Strasbourg, France is a cosmopolitan city that draws international students from around the world, contributing to the large student population. It is an intellectual and cultural center and also home to the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights. Students pursuing a Master in Strasbourg have no shortage of things to see, do and explore.

The Master in Strasbourg programs are excellent in quality with high tech facilities and professional and expert faculty. There are many opportunities for a Master in Strasbourg in a variety of different fields including business and European studies.  There are also possibilities for Master in Strasbourg students for professional development and building a strong network, providing a competitive advantage in the job market after graduation.

To learn more about the options for a Master in Strasbourg, take a look through the programs below and you may find your degree!

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CLE Master program in European Literary Cultures

Erasmus Mundus Master Course in European Literary Cultures
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 France Mulhouse

The CLE Master’s program teaches students how to manage the manifold aspects of the European scene, offering them a multicultural education along three main methodological lines: [+]

Masters 2017 in Strasbourg France. About CLE The program seeks to provide a high quality preparation reflecting the multicultural aspects of Europe. The CLE Master Course is a program devoted to improving the quality of European Higher Education and strengthening intercultural communication. The programme encourages and supports: cooperation as well as student, scholar and staff exchange among universities; the worldwide promotion of the image of the European Union as a space of academic excellence; communication between university and cultural institutions and enterprises (Museums, Publishers, Foundations) as well as public and private companies; better career opportunities for its graduates and access to the international workforce. The CLE Master Course aims at providing international students with excellent T-shaped skills in: at least three European languages (English – mandatory, two other languages among French, Italian and Greek); at least three domains of European culture and thought (Literature, Art, Cultural History, Ethics and Aesthetics, Science of Language). The CLE Master Course is a two-year full-time academic program. At the end of the two-year program, after defending their Master’s thesis before an international committee, CLE students receive a multiple diploma issued by the universities of the consortium where they spent at least one semester. The language in which the courses are offered may vary according to the University providing them. Over the years, many additional activities (seminars, conferences, workshops, language courses) have been entrusted to highprofile scholars/guest lecturers. The CLE intends to maintain and reinforce this successful collaboration pattern. Participating universities : Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna, ITALIA Université de Haute-Alsace (Mulhouse), FRANCE Université de Strasbourg, FRANCE Aristoteleion Panepistimion Thessaloniki, ELLAS Université Cheikh Anta Diop (Dakar), SÉNÉGAL Objectives The CLE Master’s program teaches students how to manage the manifold aspects of the European scene, offering them a multicultural education along three main methodological lines: Cultural education in at least three domains of the European thought, ranging from literature to history and language sciences. High-level European languages education, complementing in-class with on-site practice in at least two countries of the consortium. Dynamic education thanks to his programme of international exchange. The CLE Master’s programme wants to train dynamic and critical experts in the humanities, with a good awareness of country-specific problems and the ability to make competent decisions, relying on their rich cultural baggage. Skill-based education intended to prepare the students to meet the needs of the job market. The CLE Master’s programme offers several complementary activities (seminars with international scholars and professionals) aiming to improve at best its student’s skills and to promote the employability. Therefore, the CLE Master also includes a one-week workshop studied to implement its student’s competencies and creativity as well as their knowledge of the job market. Academic competence Students who obtain the Master degree in European Literary Cultures should possess a level of competence which corresponds to the “second cycle descriptor level” of the Tuning Project for European Studies. They should be able: to interpret events, developments and EU policies in national, regional and local areas (through units 1 and 3 of the program); to use different disciplinary methodologies in a complementary way (through Units 1, 2 and 3); to develop a guided research project (through units 1 and 2) and to work independently (with the unit 4), to understand and interpret EU policies (through Unit 3) to understand and interpret ideas and concepts from Europe and European integration (through units 1 and 3) to communicate in several international languages, using appropriate terminology (through Unit 2 and Mobility required) to move in different countries and possess good attitudes of cultural understanding (thanks to the mobility requirement). As far as educational goals are concerned, a masters graduate from this program should: know at least three eurorean languages (English, French, and Italian and/or Greek, depending on the mobility chosen); know the different methodologies of literary studies (national literatures, comparative literature, literature and computer science etc.); be able to develop a comprehensive bibliography, a research record and a research paper on a topic concerning European literature; know at least three areas of methodologies (eg, history of literature, textual analysis, history, art history, history of ideas etc..) to analyze the production of European culture in depth; know the history and culture of Europe in order to contextualize the literary production in the broader context of European cultural history. Career Opportunities The main career perspectives for CLE graduates are: Doctoral research focused on European literature and cultures. The European Doctorate in Higher Education (DESE), «Les Littératures de l’Europe unie» is structured to develop the Master Erasmus Mundus CLE objectives. A career in the European cultural institutions or local authorities involving a cultural program (development and international exhibitions, the development and management of cultural exchange programs; development of cultural contents in various types of associations). Therefore the CLE Master's program encourages students contacts and collaboration with several institutions such as linguistic and cultural centers, foundations, museums and publishers. A career in the private sector, requiring book-related skills (translations, philological editions) or multicultural skills (cultural mediation, social responsibility agenda), journalism, literary criticism, radio or tv broadcasting, copyediting, public relations. For this reason, the CLE Master’s Program includes several occasions for its students to meet, discuss and collaborate with professionals of these various sectors. There is a very good employability of CLE graduated students in PhD and cultural institutions or enterprises. Here are the results of CLE survey about their position after graduation in the job market from 2010 until 2014. It shows that the 35% carried on their activity in PhD and the 65% found a position in: teaching, management, translation, intercultural relations, media and communication, freelance, art. [-]

Creative Design Branding

Campus 1 - 1 year October 2017 France Paris

A new pluridisciplinary program, "Creative Design Branding," inspired by the notion of Design Thinking. The bi-lingual program covers both brand strategy and design. The program intends to train the marketing and communications professionals of tomorrow, who place design questions at the center of brand strategy, thereby participating in corporate innovation in France and abroad. [+]

This work-study programs include 4 days a week in a professional role in indsutry, and 1 day per week at ISCOM. The program trains students for careers as design and marketing experts for international brands, linking creative profiles with the strategic vision and comprehension. Innovative communications professionals are currently developing global and integrated approaches to branding, including graphics and packaging, in-store merchandising, or the "promises" of the brand. Labelled "brand design," the process requires new skill sets and new professions, the creation of a brand's "values" by marketing and communications professionals. “Creative Design Branding” is a one-year bilingual program covering three complementary areas: brand strategy, consumer intelligence, and creativity. Course programs are designed to assist students to better understand brands in a global and international context, and may include courses such as international culture and geopolitics, creative and advertising strategy, international media, etc. [-]

Master Marketing & Communication Management

Campus Full time 1 - 1 year September 2017 France Paris

A one-year course for graduates holding degrees in Law, Science, Humanities, Engineering, Computer Science, Languages ​​or, Who loved to obtenir a dual degree in Communications and Marketing. This one-year course includes a six-month internship [+]

Bac + 5 program (Master level 2) professionalizing communications, marketing and management for dual jurisdiction. This program is offert at the ISCOM Paris.

Integrated marketing communications strategy and the Influence

Build and Develop a brand identity, Anticipate emerging trends in managing company support has ict icts picture Among various audiences, maximize visibility and its reputation assurer Especially on the web, create commitment and a master conversational competitive environment, develop innovative communication strategies and create value: thesis are now the major challenges companies face. To control a communication policy That puts at the heart of ict different hearings of the business communicators must have a global view and control all communication channels. ... [-]

Master In Marketing Communication Alternating

Campus Full time 1 - 1 year September 2017 France Paris

ISCOM HAS Developed 5th year, programs. These programs are open to professionals and recent graduates Both. Prerequisites for admission: a valid, state-certified 4th year degree. The work-study program (4 days Within a company, one day at ISCOM) Provides the students with invaluable experience. [+]

ISCOM Develops programs in Paris, Lille and Lyon in Marketing Communication, alternating school and professional training, Offering genuine additional professional expertise to meet the major challenges of tomorrow's communication: the innovation, events, digital workspace. These bac +5 alternating programs are accessed by internal and parallel admissions, initial and continuing training (Contract period and professionalization) Digital Communications This program Focuses on the stakes of digital communications and Their Integration into communication strategies. Brand and Innovation Management This program prepared students adapted to communications methods in light of emerging trends in research and development, information technology, technological monitoring, and strategic planning. Events Strategy and Management This program prepared students to conceptualize and organizes events covered by Proposing strategies for brands to customers. International Global Communications The graduate program is Entirely Focused on brand strategy and communication in project management in international contexts. Creative Design Branding "Creative Design Branding" is a one-year bilingual program covering three complementary areas: brand strategy, consumer intelligence, and creativity. Course programs are designed to assist students to better Understand brands in a global and international context, and May include races Such As international geopolitics and cultural, creative and advertising strategy, international media, etc. Brand and Innovation Management Our period saw the rapid emergence of major sociological and technological Developments That suggest wide currency in our daily lives. Recreation, health, culture, environment, transportation, education All Sectors Where are experience and great upheavals. Communication Becomes a key issue for the success of innovations That deserve to emerge. Communication and Digital Creation All trademarks are Destined to Become Digital, They express Themselves on the web, Causing debate Among netizens, invent new online services to be Closer to Their customers. The brand must learn to express Themselves in the digital world with the same rigor as in the real world by inventing a new creative approach exploits the potential and That freedom offert by information technology and communication. The Creation and consumption of media are Reviews entering a new era That must make new talents emerge. Strategy and Creating the event A program designed in partnership and Facilitated with the ANAé (Association of Consulting event communication agencies). Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, road shows, event websites, internal events ... The intelligence of the event is multiple communication and helps build brands and Their image and the establishment of proximity With Their hearings. Event communication affects all economic Sectors, strategy and establishment étroitement are linked to the success of brand communication and men. International Global Communications A 100% English program to work on branding and management of communication projects in an international context.... [-]

Master Communication

Campus Full time 5 years September 2017 France Paris

The Great School of ISCOM Program is certified by the State - Level II 4 tray and enriched training Bac +5 (master level 2). [+]

The Grande Ecole Programme of ISCOM is certified by the State - Level II bac + 4 and enriched training Bac + 5 (master level 2). Built with industry professionals, this program trains students to the latest tools and techniques for online and offline communication. General, it enables students to develop a strategic vision and managerial communication function within the company. This general training covers all the sectors of communication in five specializations: - Global Communications companies and brands - Marketing - Public relations, media relations, event management, - Communication and digital creation - International Global Communications [ISCOM Paris]: Program in English 100% ... [-]

Master in Communication : Franco-German Program

Campus Full time 5 years September 2017 France Strasbourg

A multilingual education that demarcates students on the job market. During the first year of study, instruction is carried out in equal parts in German, French, and English. Over time, German and English instruction is reinforced, allowing students to continue their studies fulltime in English in the 4th and 5th years of the ISCOM program. [+]

French-German economic ties represents 600,000 jobs in the two countries. In order to respond to the needs of this dynamic market, ISCOM has developed the first Franco-German Communications program. Throughout the program, students cultivate an intercultural vision of business and institutions, while developing the specific skills required by the Franco-German market. Are you interested in working in a multicultural environment, and on international topics? Would you like to study alongside a culturally rich and diverse student body?The program covers all aspects of communications strategies. After having successfully completed the program, you will have all of the skills required to prepare a communications strategy and to implement it. You will also be capable of creating and managing international communications actions – including PR, publicity campaigns, and digital communications – for an international brand. Courses at ISCOM are instructed by professionals in the field. [-]

Master International Global Communications

Campus Full time 5 years September 2017 France Paris

ISCOM's international global communications program offers 100% English-language instruction in the heart of Paris [+]

Twenty-first century communications is increasingly a business arena without borders. Professionals working in communications, advertising and marketing are trying to reach and influence stakeholders around the world every day using sophisticated, integrated, global campaigns. If you are interested in working internationally, why not start early in honing your skills and building your network by studying in an international context ? ISCOM's international global communications program offers 100% English-language instruction in the heart of Paris to train its students to: - Develop communications programs for leading brands - Understand the culture of anglophone countries - Learn Anglo-Saxon communications techniques - Work in France or anywhere in the world! ISCOM instructors teach the fundamentals of communications, particularly in the first three years, with topics such as culture, economics, law and business forming the bulk of the classes. Each year represents 60 credits (ECTS) of work. Students specialize progressively over the years, choosing to focus on international global communications; global corporate and brand communications; marketing services and advertising; public relations; and digital communications. Classes are small, averaging around 25 people, and students are evaluated individually, as well as in teams. Most of ISCOM's classes are taught by communications professionals who are currently working in the agencies and companies in the Greater Parisian area. They bring their insights, the problems they are working on and their enthusiasm into our classrooms in order to give students real-world experiences from the first year. Furthermore, all students are required to secure internships each year, gradually increasing in duration, from three months in the first two years, then one semester in the third year (required to be international in scope), six months in the fourth year, and, in the fifth year, a work-study program (work four days per week, classes one day per week plus one week per month).... [-]

Master of Space Studies

International Space University
Campus Full time September 2017 France Strasbourg

The ISU Master of Space Studies (MSS) program is designed for students looking for the competitive edge that will help them obtain a career in the space sector, professionals interested in making a career move into or within the space sector, and researchers wishing to broaden their knowledge or make the move from academic life into the space industry. [+]

Renewing the future – ISU Master of Space Studies Program

ISU is pleased to announce that over the coming months it will be conducting a reimagining and renewal of its highly successful Master of Space Studies (MSS) program.

Since its inception in 1995 this core ISU program - encapsulating ISU’s international, intercultural and interdisciplinary approach to space education - has produced multi-skilled graduates able to meet the demands of the space sector, whether in government, industry or academia. As the MSS approaches its 20th year, ISU is committed to reviewing its achievements to date, promoting its most successful aspects and identifying new areas for innovation in order to provide its graduates with the maximum opportunity to develop their subsequent careers.... [-]