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Forest Sciences

A masters refers to the completion of a graduate study program that prepares students to further their knowledge of a specific subject or advance their careers. The majority of masters are granted by state or public universities.

Forest sciences focuses on the significance of forests and how the growth and development of forests contribute to our greater understanding of natural resources. Forests can be an important source of knowledge for subjects such as climatology and hydrology as well as a pivotal ecosystem for many living organisms.

Ghana, known as the Republic of Ghana, is a sovereign state located on the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in West Africas

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MPhil in Social Forestry and Environmental Governance

University Of Energy And Natural Resources
Campus Part time 2 years September 2018 Ghana Sunyani

The aim of the programme is to train human resources at advanced social forestry and environmental governance capable of recognizing human system in managing forest and environmental challenges within and outside Ghana. This is clearly in line with the mission of UENR. [+]

Best Masters in Forest Sciences in Ghana 2018. Introduction The School of Natural Resources is poised to provide a strong and vibrant leadership to the forest and natural resources industry to meet the increasing demand for housing, recreation, tourism and green spaces. This will require an intimate knowledge of climate, species, and physical facilities, political, social and legal systems. Issues of interest include the increased demand for market and non-market goods and services from forests and related natural resources, land availability for industrial forestry and natural resource conservation, natural resource sustainability, habitat conservation, and ecosystem management. The Master and Doctoral programmes will provide graduates with a working knowledge of specialized environmental and natural resources scopes and introduce them to the critical relationships between human activities and the environment. National Relevance Globally, the threat to and decease of world forests and the negative impacts on human or social system as well as the ascendency of multifaceted environmental problems call for capacity development in these areas. Ghana is not exempted from these challenges. The rationale being that the country is currently facing numerous problems ranging from deforestation, pollution of water resources and environmental degradation. Ameliorating these problems, the country needs human resources that have a better understanding of social issues and environmental governance. Understanding the structures, function, performance of public authorities and institutions at all levels could help formulate policies aimed at controlling/managing environmental degradation. Governing the planet`s rich diverse natural resources is an increasingly complex challenge. In this world of interconnected... [-]