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Financial Planning

A Master in Financial Planning prepares students for careers in taxation, superannuation and retirement, law, investments or insurance. It will allow students to provide personal financial or investment advice.

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European Management Master and financial strategies

Online 2 years Open Enrollment Luxembourg Luxembourg Online

European Master ** issued by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) - an association governed by Swiss law ( 60-79). The European Masters is a European diploma validated by the IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) is an American accreditation body. [+]

TRAINING, OBJECTIVES Understand the European business and its peculiarities Learn the methods of economic and quantitative analysis, control and internal audit Understanding business ethics, financial strategies and the banking organization Mastering the risk management, international financial management, tax strategies, legal and financial, as well as performance management

A JOB The lending institutions, insurance companies Investment management and securities analysis Financial markets, commerce, risk management The finance function of an organization Corporate finance, venture capital Business planning and consultation Strategic management in the financial field Risk management, group management Companies whose securities are admitted on a regulated market Prevention and management difficulties of Companies ... [-]

Master in Wealth Management

University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years September 2019 Luxembourg Luxembourg City + 1 more

The Master in Wealth Management (MWM) is designed to educate and train future wealth managers. [+]


The Master in Wealth Management (MWM) is designed to educate and train future wealth managers.

The programme combines traditional finance subjects with person-, legal- and tax-centric subjects such as client relationship management, estate planning, ethics and international taxation.

Graduates will be able to find jobs in private banks, foundations, family offices, consultancy firms, insurance companies, and investment firms, among others.

The curriculum is made up of 27 courses ion four-course modules, a module in Singapore and an internship. Depending on starting date and duration of the internship, the course can be completed in either two or three semesters (one year or 18 months).... [-]