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Prospective graduate students with a bachelor's degree in a related subject may find a Master of Finance a valuable addition to their professional qualifications. Master of Finance students enrolled in programs throughout Spain learn the essential knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in careers in investment, accounting, banking, policy, analysis or management within the finance sector. Coming from many different countries and professional backgrounds, some Master of Finance students in Spain are recent bachelor's graduates, while others are working professionals.

Master of Finance programs at universities and academic institutions in Spain tend to concentrate on one area of finance as an academic and professional discipline. Typically lasting anywhere from one to two years in duration, Master of Finance programs in Spain may be offered on a full time or part time basis to meet the scheduling requirements of a diverse student body. Master of Finance programs at schools in Spain are usually made up of required coursework, seminars, workshops and ongoing assessments. Finally, at the end of the Master of Finance program, students are often required to complete a master's thesis or dissertation that is largely research-based and demonstrates the student's capacity for independent analysis.

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MScF in International Finance

Geneva Business School (GBS)
Campus Full-time 22 - 1 months February 2020 Switzerland Geneva Spain Barcelona Madrid + 3 more

The Master of Science in Finance with a major in International Finance is designed to challenge and develop your understanding of global finance through rigorous training in the conceptual, analytical and empirical intricacies of modern international finance and investment.

Master in Finance

EU Business School
Campus Full-time 1 year October 2019 Spain Barcelona Switzerland Geneva Montreux + 3 more

New financial paradigms are emerging. With recent regulations and a shift in ethical thinking, the ability to understand and decipher the ever-growing complexity of the world of finance is a quality that is more important than ever before. As an applied branch of economics, this program explores challenging technical theory and a wide range of topics, including asset pricing, portfolio management, derivative securities and blockchain fundamentals. From its foundations to its future of finance, you will gain a balanced understanding of one of the most crucial aspects of the business.

Master in Financial Technology (FinTech)

Harbour Space
Campus Full-time September 2019 Spain Barcelona

This program is designed to prepare Masters graduates for a successful career in Fintech. But before you choose a hunting ground and decide to make your mark on the Finance industry, you will need to understand a few fundamental principles and learn the basic drivers of this increasingly complex industry.

Master in Financial Management

EAE Business School International
Campus Full-time 12 months October 2019 Spain Madrid

In recent years we have had to deal with in a business crisis, as a result of the global financial and economic situation. These circumstances have radically transformed the role of Finance Management in companies. From a role focused on supervising, implementing and controlling funds relatively initially easy to obtain, the Finance Manager has felt the need to take part in the firms' strategic management, providing value to tackle the scarcity of resources as well as providing planning, negotiating and risk analysis expertise.

Master's Degree in Financial Management and Control

CESMA Business School
Campus Full-time 1 year May 2019 Spain Madrid

The main objective of this master is to make an integrated and coherent presentation of the economic-financial management in the company, based on a rigorous training and from an eminently practical perspective that enables the professional practice.

Master in Global Corporate Compliance

IE Law School
Online & Campus Combined Full-time Part-time 10 - 11 months October 2019 Spain Madrid + 1 more

Whether you’re already working in an international legal department or want to start an exciting new career path, this program offered in both part-time (11 months – March Intake) and full-time format (10 months – October Intake) will help you develop a sophisticated understanding of the international legal framework, business ethics and compliance strategies from a global perspective.

Master's Degree in Financial Management and Management

EAE Business School
Campus Full-time 12 months October 2019 Spain Barcelona Madrid + 1 more

The Master in Finance, Management and Financial Management is designed to prepare financial managers to face the economic changes with the solvency and necessary anticipation required by current organizations. Financial professionals who are flexible, are involved in the strategic management of the company, know how to relate to all departments of an organization and are able to optimize decision making in a changing financial economic environment.

International Master in Finance - Bilingual

EADA Business School Barcelona
Campus Full-time October 2019 Spain Barcelona

The programme has been developed together with leading financial institutions and is focused towards both corporate finance and financial markets. Participants focus on how to assess investment opportunities and undertake financial analysis before learning to perform complex evaluations, undergo M&A, manage the risks associated with financial instruments, and select and manage portfolios of investments.

Master in Financial Management

ESIC Business & Marketing School
Campus Part-time 9 months October 2019 Spain Madrid Valencia Seville Pamplona Bilbao Granada + 5 more

The Master in Financial Management (MDF) of ESIC offers the opportunity to become an expert in business finance. Through a broad, rigorous and practical training that ensures financial training and enhances the development of managerial skills.

International Master In Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation (Fintech)

MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management
Campus Full-time 12 months September 2019 Italy Milan France Nantes Reims United Kingdom Edinburgh Spain Madrid China Guangzhou Barcelona Belgium Brussels + 12 more

The International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation (FINTECH) is designed to provide students with all the skills and competencies to face the Fintech revolution. The programme targets young graduates who want to specialize in the Fintech area by deepening their knowledge of digital technologies and their application in the financial world, e.g. banks, insurance companies, asset management.

Master's Degree in Financial Risk Management

ICADE Business School
Campus Full-time 10 months October 2019 Spain Madrid

The Master's Degree in Financial Risk Management is organized by the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), through the ICADE Business School .

Master in Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance in Madrid

GBSB Global Business School
Campus Full-time 9 - 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona

Our Master in Digital Financial Management taught in Madrid, will give you the knowledge you need in Digital Banking and Internet Finance.

Master in Economics and Finance

University of Navarra
Campus Full-time 12 months October 2019 Spain Pamplona

The Master in Economics and Finance (MEF) was created in 1999 with the objective of preparing top-level specialists in two increasingly important areas: economic analysis and financial theory.

Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention

Universidad Europea - Programas Online
Online 10 months October 2019 Spain Villaviciosa de Odón

Form yourself in a sector with a high demand for specialized professionals and certify yourself with the three specialties of Industrial Hygiene, Safety at Work and Ergonomics and Psychosociology.

Master in risk and emergency management

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Campus Part-time 3 semesters September 2019 Spain Barcelona

This master's degree in Risk Management and Emergency offers some studies that train professionals Civil Protection, useful for Public Administration asking experts in any population however small, in any municipality.