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Financial Analysis

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

The solvency, profitability, liquidity and stability of a company are determined through financial analysis. Students of this course of study learn to glean needed information through financial statements, then provide the resulting data along with their conclusions and possible recommendations to management.

Belgium is known as the heart of Europe and a hub for international networking. As international students in Belgium you be surrounded by a multicultural community.

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Master in Management - Specialization in Financial Analysis & Audit

HEC Liège Management School - University of Liège
Campus 2 years September 2017 Belgium Liege

The "Financial Analysis & Audit" option aims to train future company and organization directors and managers who will be specialized in the professions linked to both internal and external auditing. [+]

Best Part time Masters in Financial Analysis in Belgium. Objectives: This program trains future executive managers and corporate executives of businesses and organizations specializing in all business areas related to both internal and external control processes. Target groups: The program is intended for students wishing to pursue a career in Finance (auditor, certified public accountant, etc.). Financial Analysis and Auditing is partially taught in English. Skills gained on completion of the specialization: ° In technical matters: - Mastery of accounting, financial, auditing and legal procedures necessary for a good understanding of the risks that organizations face on a daily basis; - The capacity to gauge these risks as to the strategic, economic, legal and ethical context of an organization’s environment; - The integration (or due consideration) of the strategic, ethical, legal and economic context of organizations, so as to develop systems for internal and external control, to manage the identified risks and to control them; ° In behavioral matters: To be able to develop an overall and cross-functional vision of the running of an organization, while combining their experience in the field with a more conceptual approach. Diploma and specific outcomes At the end of this specialization, students obtain the degree of “Master in Management, with a specialization in Financial Analysis and Audit”. Career opportunities in corporate finance as: - Finance director of a commercial or industrial company; - Credit analyst or credit manager with a commercial bank; - Consultant/ analyst in acquisitions and mergers; - Financial analyst: assistant financial manager in a large company; treasurer in a commercial or industrial company, or in a nonprofit organization; - Financial consultant in public or private entities (investments); - In matters of external control: as business auditor, external auditor, specialist consultant, certifying officer; - In matters of internal auditing: as comptroller, internal comptroller, internal auditor, internal process auditor; - In the financial professions: IRE (Belgian Institute of Company Auditors), IEC (Belgian Association of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors), IPCF (Belgian Institute of Chartered Accountants and Tax Accountants). In time, this degree quickly leads to a senior position in a wide range of companies and different types of organizations, to take-overs of existing companies or to a position of director or independent director on a board of directors. [-]

Advanced Master in Financial Markets

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Campus 1 - 1 year September 2017 Belgium Brussels

Advanced Master in Financial Markets offers an advanced education in finance and in financial markets that is complementary to the curriculum provided in classical graduate programs in finance or economics. [+]

This Advanced Master in Financial Markets offers an advanced education in finance and in financial markets that is complementary to the curriculum provided in classical graduate programs in finance or economics. The master therefore focuses on creating bridges between theory and practice and also the policy and strategic aspects of the current financial landscape. To do so, all courses are given by an exceptional cadre of faculty members - both practitioners and academics.




Finance had become much more complex and competitive. There is a massive regulation shift underway. You need a different set of skills to succeed. The best professionals will do even better, whereas the average will stagnate. Finance is increasingly multi-disciplinary. Regulators expect more from financial institutions. Society expects a more ethical financial system. Financial firms are revisiting their business models and the financial world is restructuring. A new relationship is being built between public and private financial flows. The centre of financial power is shifting gradually towards new economies. ... [-]

Master in Business Studies - Global Banking and Financial Markets

United International Business Schools
Campus Part time 1 - 2 years September 2017 Belgium Antwerp

The Master in Business Studies - Specialization in Global Banking and Financial Markets is taught entirely in English. Students are required to complete 27 courses for 54 credits .... [+]

Best Part time Masters in Financial Analysis in Belgium. SPECIALIZATION COURSES IN GLOBAL BANKING Level 500 GSCGB501 Financial Markets and Banking Systems (2) GSCGB502 Investment Banking and Securities Markets (2) GSCGB503 Derivative Products (2) GSCGB504 Financial Risk Management (2) Comprehensive Cases in Global Banking (2) Research Project in Global Banking (2) Level 600 Thesis in Global Banking (8) Capstone Project in Global Banking (4) (for Dual Master students only) Admission requirements proficiency in the English language (refer to the admission section for further details) Bachelor degree (or equivalent) No distinction is made between academic or professional Bachelor degrees. Degrees with 180 European credits or 120 American semester credits are considered equivalent. Students who do not hold a business-related Bachelor degree or equivalent may be required to complete an inbound assessment test prior to starting the graduate program, and, depending on the results, earn an additional number of credits in leveling courses from the Pre-Master program in order to be fully prepared for our graduate programs. Students who do not hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent should apply for a Bachelor degree program, or for the Undergraduate Diploma top-up program. Refer to the undergraduate admissions catalog for further details. Students who have 15 or more years of relevant work experience may apply directly for the Pre-Master program and will be required to complete an inbound assessment test prior to starting the graduate program, and, depending on the results, earn an additional number of credits in specific undergraduate courses. e.g. Students who wish to earn a Master degree and who are required to complete the full Pre-Master program will need to earn 30 + 60 credits. CAREER PERSPECTIVES Our study programs and courses are career-oriented in nature and provide students with a high level of flexibility throughout their graduate studies. Focusing on a broad range of specialized subject matters, students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in today’s global economy, and are prepared for a wide variety of professional development and career opportunities. Graduate programs are an excellent choice for recent college and university graduates who would like to see their employability in today's job market increase by engaging in rigorous and academically challenging graduate studies to obtain a relevant academic qualification in the field of business and management. Upon graduation, students mainly start or advance their careers with mid to upper-level management positions in national and multinational companies and organizations in various economic sectors. Others decide to launch a new business venture or join an existing family business. Students can also choose to continue their studies without interruption in almost any of our other graduate and postgraduate programs to further enhance their career prospects. [-]