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Film Studies

Film is one of the today's most powerful media, which makes use of sound, picture, music, story and many more elements to create a multi-sensory experience. Master of Film graduates in Estonia and around the world are getting involved with the growing international film industry. Additionally, graduates from Master of Film programs at universities in Estonia are qualified to work in other roles supporting film, from pre production to post production, financing, managing, distributing, analyzing, critiquing and teaching.

Consisting of required coursework and elective options, Master of Film programs in Estonia give students the freedom to explore the areas of film that truly interest them, for example, Crossmedia Production, Audiovisual Media and Documentary Film. Lasting two years on average when taken on a full time basis, some Master of Film programs may also be available for part time students. It is a good idea to contact the university offering the Master of Film program to get more specific information, using the web form linked to below. Nearing graduation, Master of Film students in Estonia are normally required to submit a master's thesis project or dissertation.

If you are passionate about film and want to dedicate your graduate studies to the subject, then scroll down and click to read more about Master of Film programs in Estonia, today!

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Master in Animation

Estonian Academy of Arts
Campus Full time 2 years August 2017 Estonia Tallinn

Estonian Academy of Arts is offering a 2-year Master of Animation programme to postgraduate students interested in animation directing and filmmaking. [+]

Best Masters in Film Studies in Estonia 2017. The Department of Animation was established at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2006 and since 2007 it has offered a two-year MA in Animation (taught in English). The Animation MA programme is taught by Professor Priit Pärn and Associate Professor Olga Pärn. The main goal of the programme is to successfully educate creators of animated films, providing them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The further aim is to contribute to the global development of animation as an art form. Animation is a thriving medium and developing at a greater pace than ever before. It has become part of mass culture, as well as one of its principal forms. Animation can be seen in digital screen graphics, computer games, music videos, films, etc. The basis for any film – including animated film – is the story. The greatest problem in the film world is the lack of good stories. In most of the world’s animation schools, students are not taught the art of good story writing. This is something that sets our programme apart. We place an emphasis on the story and teach Professor Pärn’s unique methodology for creating film scripts. Upon completion of the MA in Animation programme, students have acquired in-depth theoretical and practical animation skills. The students can specialise in specific animation techniques and create individual projects in the appropriate technique. After graduation, the students are qualified to realise themselves as animated film creators, professionals in creative industries... [-]