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In order to successfully obtain a Masters qualification, you will need to obtain a number of credits by passing individual modules. Most taught Masters will have a number of core modules which you must take and pass in order to obtain the qualification. The assessment of research Masters is almost always entirely by a single dissertation module or project.

Studies in fashion marketing focus on business classes such as financial accounting and economics, as well as fashion courses like retail management and fashion merchandising. Many programs also include projects and internships in the fashion industry.

The nations of South America offer a powerful experience rich with distinguished architecture, style of cooking, pottery, and dancing. With a past steeped in folklore, studying in South America will allow you to indulge in a culture that have prevailed for ages.

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Postgraduate Degree In Fashion Marketing And Communication

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Sao Paulo
Campus Full time 18 months March 2017 Brazil São Paulo

The course is structured in disciplines (360h) and the end of the program, the student must submit a term paper, project or thesis, according to the modality chosen for that class (40h), totaling 400h. [+]

Masters in Fashion Marketing in South America 2017. THIS PROGRAM IS IN PORTUGUESE Taught Postgraduate degree in Fashion Marketing and Communication. Start Date: September Days: Mondays and Wednesdays (10 meetings) Hours: 19h30 to 22h45 Duration: 18 months Hours: 400 hours Registration until: September The graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Technology of the Istituto Europeo di Design are in legal compliance and meet the Resolutions CNE / CES No 1 of April 3, 2001 and paragraph 1, of June 8, 2007 the MEC - Ministry Education. The course is structured in disciplines (360h) and the end of the program, the student must submit a term paper, project or thesis, according to the modality chosen for that class (40h), totaling 400h. Goals: Fashion is creativity of expression, desire and image, but also need to be treated as a business, incorporating knowledge management, strategy and planning. The Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication offers training in marketing management and communication specific to the fashion business. The program features marketing areas applied to fashion, behavioral tendencies, branding, communication and retail management, information technology use and new distribution channels providing tools for the professional is prepared to act in marketing under the bias of fashion with knowledge of the industry and able to carry out fashion marketing plans, manage the planning of available resources and also use efficient management practices. The universe of the fashion industry has undergone several changes in recent years. Competition between brands is fierce and takes global dimensions. The distribution channels and retail products require a new level of strategic planning. Faced with this challenge, marketing and fashion communication take a new proportion as hardening tool for the fashion business and professional area needs expertise and skills to build a marketing strategy consistent with the brand identity and market needs. The post in Fashion Marketing and Communication proposes an analysis of this new fashion scene and promotes a learning experience geared to the market, with classes and reference professional lectures in the middle of fashion. The course structure is aligned to the international FDI teaching method. The course covers three fundamental aspects to the formation of professional with specific subjects in the area of ​​marketing and fashion communication, translating the core of the course. It also covers the fashion industry characteristics, with own subjects to the fashion system. In addition, it also offers an overview of management and retail that brings students from market reality by fostering knowledge through the exchange of experiences and networking, and strengthening the competitive potential of students with tools that promote leadership skills, strategic planning and creative thinking. So that the graduate is able to meet market expectations. Methodology: The course is divided into three phases: - Phase I - Interdisciplinary Center for Grounds. - Phase II - the Fashion Marketing & Communication Specialties. - Phase III - Professional Practice. Public: The Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication aims to train professionals in fashion management, able to face the new challenges of the area and, in particular, able to read and interpret the macro economic scenario. Thus, the professional can anticipate and analyze changes that characterize the "Fashion System", evaluate the points of strength and weakness of competitors, to segment and monitor the market, know the products and the realization of dynamic and yet, the processes distribution and sale. The course allows the insertion of the professional in management positions in the fashion industry. Completion of course work - TCC (40h) Draft Final Guidance: Work Completion of course - CBT is a necessary step and required to receive certification of the course. Through partnerships with companies or theme proposed by the institution, the student will develop a final project, methodologies, guidance, formatting and presentation as separate regulation and will be submitted to a public banking evaluation. Project Methodology Submit projects in a clear, organized and objective manner is a professional competence expected by the market. The course covers the various methodological strategies used in development projects in various market segments, reflecting on how the social behavior, innovation and new technologies imply in this process. So that the student is able to apply new tools in the development and management of projects strategically and appropriately to market reality. Coordination Maria José Orione a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Textile Industrial-FEI Engineering, with specialization in Textile Machinery by Scuola Superiore Macanotessile and Tessile of Podenone, Italy. Postgraduate degree in Industrial Administration from Vanzolini -USP, an MBA in Business Management from Getulio Vargas Foundation-FG and attended Digital Marketing and Mentoring Program Coaching and Consulting Certification in Marketing from Madia Marketing School. Professional with over 20 years experience Maria José Orione accumulates in your resume the role in development of materials and products in Santaconstancia and Zoomp, and management of Marketing South America in Tavex Brazil. Since September 2013, it took the strategic planning board in Capricorn Textile, one of the five largest denim producers in the country. Andreia Schmidt Steps is assistant coordinator and operates in the fashion and communications business for over 15 years, working as a consultant in the area of ​​creation, collection development and research and also developing content trendy area. She graduated in journalism from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and a postgraduate degree in fashion from the State University of Santa Catarina. He deepened his fashion studies at the renowned Central Saint Martins in London. Currently, research sociology and fashion culture from USP is also responsible for management and creative direction of their own brand, Vish, with campaigns Awards WGSN and curated in international fashion book. [-]

Graduate In Marketing And Fashion Communication

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rio de Janeiro
Campus Part time 400 hours March 2017 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The course Postgraduate in Marketing and Communication IED Fashion Rio fashion professionals able to create and implement communication strategies and marketing from the perception of opportunities, combining the identity of the brands in contemporary marketing context. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS IN PORTUGUESE Taught Create and implement communication strategies and marketing from the perception of opportunities, combining the identity of the brands in contemporary marketing context. 3rd Panel and Mkt With Fashion Home: March Classes: Tuesday and Thursday - 19h30 to 22h30 Hours: 400 hours Portuguese language Description and Objectives: The course Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Communication IED Fashion Rio Professional way able to create and implement communication and marketing strategies from the perception of opportunities, combining the identity of the brands in contemporary marketing context. With emphasis on the Brazilian scene at its interface with the domestic and foreign markets and exploitation of segments - from production to consumption experience - the course offers courses that address the communication and marketing strategies, the fashion chain, behavior, innovation, retail, branding and creative economy, also featuring workshops conducted by professionals. Audience: Designers from all areas, professionals with training and a degree in fashion, textile, advertising, communication, journalism, marketing and related fields as well as people with experience in the fashion industry. Course topics: Cultural: Fashion systems, interfaces Contemporary Fashion, behavior and Innovation, Trends and New Scenarios, Creative Economy and Entrepreneurship; Chain and Fashion Market; Processes and Brand Management. Technique: Brand Management; Fashion Marketing Plan; Strategic Marketing; Finance; Registration Marks and Intellectual Property; Integrated communication; Communication plan; Fashion Communication. Projetual: Planning project Marketing and Communication. Final project creation in the fashion area of ​​marketing and communication exploring different languages, content and techniques. * The IED Rio reserves the right to postpone the course if you do not get a quorum. Coordination: Gláucia Centeno Gláucia Centeno is a journalist with training in fashion. Master in Communications from PUC-Rio, an expert on the history of Brazil by Candido Mendes University and Business of Film and TV FGV. Teaches in undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration, Communication and Design in institutions Cândido Mendes, Senai Cetiqt, UVA and Estacio. Coordinated the course of Fashion Design of Unipli by 2011 and the Fashion Center Estacio by 2006. Researcher in the areas of fashion, culture and identity, also served as manager of postgraduate courses in Behavior Research and Consumer Senai Cetiqt and Fashion Design distance at the same institution. Modules: Module 1 - 30H Seminars: 30H will be held debates on contemporary issues of market and encounters with cross-cutting themes to the postgraduate courses. Module 2 - 36H Marketing and Fashion Communication - concepts: 18H This course will discuss concepts, context and terminology relating to the areas of marketing, communication and fashion. Fashion Culture: 18H Discipline present systems and fashion phenomenon interfaces from different areas of knowledge, and fashion references regarding styles, contexts and markets. Also will address the relationship between fashion and different fields to create new discourses. Module 3 - 36H Chain and Fashion Market: 12H In this course, the student will contact the workings of the fashion chain and its specificities, the textile fiber the marketing of the product, through the spinning industry, weaving, production, finishing, beneficiamentos and distribution fashion product. Brand Management: 12H This course will present concepts of branding, as well as methods, practices and tools of management processes in relation to sub-brands and product lines that make up a fashion brand, highly relevant in the contemporary context elements. Meaning process in Fashion: 12H From the symbolic and communicative aspects of fashion-related objects; discipline will address the construction of meaning in the productive sphere and the subject-object relationship as well as production conditions, agents, contexts. Module 4 - 36H Behavior and innovation: 12H The consumption phenomenon as experience and their relationship with new behaviors and practice of innovation in contemporary society are the main elements discussed in this discipline. Trends and new scenarios: 12H trend concept, macro and microtêndencias. In this course, the student will have access to tools for research in the field of fashion, and mapping techniques and record trends for the construction of new scenarios. Creative Economy: 12H Of great importance in the contemporary scene, the creative economy and entrepreneurship will be addressed as a strategy capable of integrating various sectors and leverage local development, from the references of identification of the cultural and creative sector. Module 5 - 36H Workshop 1 - The Case Brazil: 12H One of the course differentials, this module focuses on Brazil and its particularities in the national and international fashion market. The course will present the cultural and social contemporary setting; fads, new behaviors, local culture and specific territorial contexts. Workshop 2 - TCC: Br Market Outlook: 24H This workshop aims to present the diversification fashion segments in Brazil and its specificities and its main perspectives, such as luxury, People's Market, Fast Fashion, Local DNA, and- commerce, among others. The content featured in this workshop will be a reference for conducting the TCC (Work Course Conclusion) Module 6 - 36H Strategic Marketing: 24H Discipline submit content such as marketing indicators Analysis, Diagnosis and implementation strategies, market cycle and marketing mix in the context of fashion. Fashion plan Marketing: 12H In this course, the steps and elements of the marketing plan aimed at the fashion area will be addressed considering situational analysis of market, organizational information, user analysis and market tactics and operational actions. Module 7 - 36H Integrated communication: Thematic 24H of great importance in the market, this course will present different types of communication (strategic, tactical and operational) and its use in the contemporary context. Characteristics and peculiarities of the use of different media (TV, radio, internet, newspaper, outdoor and mobile). Communication Plan: 12H will be addressed in this discipline steps and elements of the communication plan, as well as their preparation and development in the context of fashion. Module 8 - 42H Fashion Communication: 18H Contemplating areas as specialized press, advertising, PR and events, the course will deal with the use of media in the contemporary world of fashion, its diverse applicability and multiple platforms. Visual Merchandising: 12H this discilina the student will have contact with possible discourses related to the field of fashion, as well as the reflection and embodiment of language and its nature as representation and communication object. Also will be presented the strategies for building spaces and product communication elements and services, to promote experiences that strengthen the brand identity and the relationship with the public. Digital Marketing: 12H The course will address the specifics of the digital channels of direct marketing and collaborative tools for building content, beyond the perception of consumers and the online relationship. Also discussed the digital commerce and marketing planning for activities in the internet environment. Module 9 - 36H Legal and financial aspects of the business: 21H understanding of the financial environment, cost and pricing, legal protection of authorship, intellectual property, privileges and thematic records will be covered in this course. Eco Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: From 15H great emphasis today, this content will be addressed in the discipline through the fashion context in the contemporary scene from the benchmarks of sustainability and social responsibility. Module 10 - 36H Research methodology 12 Introduction to the basics of scientific methodology and the main lines of epistemological thought, with emphasis on contemporary views. Teaching of Higher Education: 12H Career Management: 12H The course will aim to discuss the planning and consolidation of professional career in the contemporary business environment. Job Completion Course - 40H TCC - Completion of course work: 40H This course will be conducted applied projects marketing and fashion communication focusing on the Brazilian scene, related to one of the perspectives or approaches presented throughout the course. [-]