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Fashion Design

A Masters degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular question or take off in a completely different way using skills you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.

Fashion design programs can integrate a solid understanding of craft, design and art with the creation of clothing and accessory lines to be sold. Some programs may cover topics such as the fashion industry or the history of the field.

Oceania consists of islands of the southern, western, and central Pacific Ocean, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. The term is sometimes extended to encompass Australia, New Zealand, and the Malay Archipelago.

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Master of Design

University of Technology Sydney
Campus Part time 1.5 - 3 years January 2017 Australia Sydney

Unique in Australia, the Master of Design is intellectually vibrant, socially engaging, visionary, practice-focused and actively linked to industry. The course centres on building a design community network and has two main components: specialised master classes led by a studio leader and industry partners; and theory and technology subjects taught across the program. [+]

The program focuses on and integrates research, industry collaboration, internationalisation and a design culture through the delivery of specialist, core and transdisciplinary subjects. It provides a postgraduate education that is flexible in both its practice orientation and research integration. With a focus on design evolution, innovative integration of new technologies, practice and student experimentation, this Master of Design is delivered by experienced studio leaders who are acknowledged leaders in their specific industries and professions.

Designed to produce a balance between high levels of specialisation and lateral thinking, the program enables students to examine design from a transdisciplinary perspective. It enables students to explore design issues under the supervision of a practice leader, to learn new strategies and the application of research and theory. It supports best practices in postgraduate design education through learning and research strategies that critically examine design practice. Graduates of this course are leaders in design and related industries through their expertise in product and service development. They are able to utilise strategic processes, creative tools and research skills for innovation in design. The program provides a suite of subjects for postgraduate designers in the areas of interaction, strategy and enterprise, lighting design, technotextiles, and text and image. Common subjects explore related conceptual challenges and questions of visual expression in the quest to develop useful, usable and resonant designs. These include understanding and articulating the importance of user experience, the role of design in humanising information, the aesthetic and conceptual dynamics of effective communication, strategic thinking, and aspects of design management, branding and communication.... [-]

Master - Informative and Creative Range of Fashion Design

Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service
Campus 2 years September 2017 Russia Vladivostok

Design is a profile that forms competences focused on professional career in the industry of fashion in the sphere of fashion design, marketing and information activities. [+]

Master - Informative and Creative Range of Fashion Design Design ("Informative and creative range of fashion design" program) is a profile that forms competences focused on professional career in the industry of fashion in the sphere of fashion design, marketing and information activities. Practical skills: possession of system process of design of collections of clothes models and suit subjects; ability to put and solve a design problem on the basis of conceptual approach in line with the main problems of design and fashion of the time, taking into account the general tendencies of change of a way of life; possession of skills of the academic painting and art graphics, working methods in prototyping and modeling; working methods with color and color compositions; readiness for independent creation of an artistic image, the tectonic of volume compositions, constructive and technological structure of projected models; ability to solve stylistic, marketing and technological problems of fashion industry: readiness for the enterprise organization, using instruments of marketing, merchandising and branding. Advantages of education. You will be able to: develop design projects and author's collections of clothes models of various range; create a studio offering design services; create a company of mass production of clothes, products from textile materials; continue education in graduate school and later in postgraduate school; receive additional education in programs offered by VSUES. Relevance of education. Masters of fashion design hold leading creative positions: art directors in design bureau or the fashion house; analytics of fashion in fashion industry editions; the leading expert on fashion forecasting in the international style bureaus; top manager of large shop, fashion house; head of professional association, international competition of fashion; in the leading Russian and foreign manufacturing companies; in the educational centers developing the directions of fashion design and creation of a stylish image. [-]