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A master’s degree is perfect for students wishing to further their studies in a more specific field of study than an undergraduate program can usually provide. This program is a great follow-up to a bachelor’s degree and usually takes up to two years to complete.

What is a Master in Family Business? This degree program teaches refined business skills within the context of family dynamics. Students learn how to develop an effective financial strategy, wealth management portfolio and policies for conducting business. Some of the key aspects of family business management are clearly identifying the roles and responsibilities of each member, establishing effective communication and creating balance between business life and family life. Students learn how to merge the interests of the family with wealth acquisition to develop a strong future for everyone.

Students who earn this master’s degree are better prepared to face the unique challenges of owning a family business. They understand the importance of creating balanced familial relationships while driving successful business outcomes.

Tuition and fees associated with this program vary across institutions. Check with the admissions departments of the colleges you are interested in attending.

The business and career possibilities upon completion of this program can be endless. Graduates are able to start their own family-operated companies within the realm of their personal and financial interests. Some graduates may establish investment businesses or provide financial services to individuals and corporations, while others may lean toward the technology industry or create product lines tailored to niche markets. Families have free rein over their futures and what business endeavors they wish to pursue.

Online programs are available for working professionals and those interested in long-distance learning. By expanding your search to include online options, you increase your pool of universities as well as your admission potential. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Expertise in strategic direction of family businesses

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)
Online Part time 6 months Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona

The Master in Strategic Management Family Business is a program that covers the fundamental concepts related to management and leadership [+]

The Master in Strategic Management Family Business is a program that covers the fundamental concepts related to the management and direction of family businesses, and the different processes and tools useful for efficient conduct of these companies.

By articulating pedagogical discussion of theoretical and practical cases, within a space of interaction promoted by teachers and by the use of a Virtual Campus, a person culminating Masters in Strategic Management Family Business will be qualified to: - Develop functions applying Family Business Management skills learned in the course.

Understand the particularities of family businesses and manage relationships Company - Family - Property. Suggest ideas and solutions to the problems in family businesses, achieving the sustainability thereof. Know and use the latest tools in the field of management of family businesses. Understand and develop managerial skills necessary for the management of family businesses. Meet other general aspects for the comprehensive management of the family business as the management of the environment, quality and business projects. ... [-]