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Master’s programs are higher education opportunities that further develop skills learned in school and, often, in the workplace. While some programs are appropriate for undergraduates who wish to move directly to graduate school, others are suited to professionals who have already earned a significant level of education.


Prospective students might ask, “what is a Master in Executive Technology?” The answer generally includes a description of classes covering topics such as the architecture of an IT organization, the development of enterprise strategies, and IT governance. The main purpose of this type of program is often to imbue leaders in the field with awareness of sustainability and an eye for effective innovation. These programs may be geared toward professionals who already hold an advanced degree in a related field and have a specific number of years working in the industry.


Professionals who participate as students in this program strengthen their ability to design effective systems. They have a greater understanding of IT concepts and are able to apply their developing skills in the workplace as they study. Students also have the advantage of working with international executives and experts in the IT world. Other benefits of participating in this program include the financial rewards that often accompany improved results in the workplace.


The cost of participating in this professional program can be affected by many factors, such as the country where the school is located. In order to get accurate information about tuition, fees, and other costs, prospective students should contact the schools of their choice.


Graduates from a Master in Executive Technology program often hold top positions in their field. They may already be architects of IT programs. With completion of the program, graduates find access to highly competitive positions and are well prepared to hold leadership roles. With an internationally accepted degree and a range of professional certifications, graduates may be prepared to hold top-ranking positions in the executive technology industry.


Those prospective students who hope to improve their opportunities through ongoing education can review their options through the program listing. To streamline the process, fill out the appropriate form. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Antwerp Management School

This master aims for the development of skills to innovate the enterprise. The participants acquire knowledge to master complexity and to be the architect of a successful ... [+]

Executive Master of Enterprise IT Architecture

Organizations increasingly recognize the need for a sturdy and flexible enterprise design and operation, in which information systems are increasingly playing a vital role, for the realization of agility and strategic success. Although there’s a multitude of models and framework at hand in the professional domain, the enterprise still needs to tackle the challenge of turning these ideas into practice.

Because of a lack of simple solutions, many enterprises look for advanced expertise with a foundation in research. To meet this Demand Antwerp Management School and TU Delft - Delft TopTech have established an exceptional co-operation to offer a state-of-the-art Executive Master of Enterprise IT architecture. This international program proceeds where applied research of Antwerp Management School, TU Delft and it’s international research partners ends, aiming to offer sustainable, innovative and well-founded concepts with proven practical applicability.... [-]

Belgium Antwerp
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2 years