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Environmental Sustainability

A Masters degree is an academic degree awarded to individuals who successfully denote a higher level of expertise. There are two main types of Masters - taught and research.

A Master in Sustainable Management makes the cross-over between a number of different industries, offering up plenty of career opportunities. The topic covers the role of sustainability within organizations around the world.

Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a unitary constitutional republic comprising thirty-two departments.

Bogota has diverse system of universities and colleges. The students who come or choose to study here have a wide choice of options on which institutions to join. All the institutions are of high quality though; it’s just choosing on which part of the city you want to study.

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Postgraduate In Hydraulic Resources And Environment

Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria Julio Garavito
Campus Part time 1 - 2 years August 2018 Colombia Bogotá

The program seeks to meet the different social, productive and technological needs of the country, in accordance with global trends in research and development, in aspects related to water resources and the environment, through the training of trained professionals to plan their own solutions. national context and according to the state of the art. [+]

The Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito began its work as a center of higher education in the year of 1973, with the mission of training integral professionals, based on a high scientific and technological preparation, harmonized with a deep sense of social solidarity and ethical commitment , consequently with the Declaration of Principles proposed in the preamble of its statutes.

Within this framework, the academic programs of civil, electrical, systems, industrial, electronic and mechanical engineering, economics, mathematics and business administration are developed, aimed at satisfying the needs of society through their graduates.

Likewise, specialization programs in Structures, Hydraulic resources and environment, Environmental sanitation, Development and integral management of projects, Design, construction and conservation of roads, Economy, Telematics applied to businesses by internet, Integrated management QHSE, Engineering can be taken. of foundations, Industrial Production Management and Polymer Processing, and the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering with the following emphases: structural engineering, hydraulic resources and environment, environmental engineering, geotechnics and transit and transport.... [-]