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Engineering & Technology

A Masters degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular question or take off in a completely different way using skills you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.

Studies in engineering and technology prepare you for the technologically oriented workforce of today.

Members of the workforce with engineering and technology training are sought out by many industries including medical research and computer software development.


There are a great deal of institutions for higher education throughout Kyrgyzstan. This includes around thirty-seven public universities and eighteen private universities. Prominent universities in Kyrgyzstan include University of Central Asia and Kyrgyz National University.

Spectacular background embedded with long tree-lined and landscaped streets, this is the epitome of Bishkek. Bishkek along with impressive backdrops also has a small educational world. Education centers based in the city provide desired educational standards with which an individual can make a bright career path.

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