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A master's degree is a postgraduate academic degree. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master's program. Most master's degree program would require students to complete a master's thesis or research paper.

Russia or, also officially known as the Russian Federation, is a country in northern Eurasia. Education in Russia is provided predominantly by the state and is regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science. In Russia, it takes about 70 % of training time for the contact lessons with a teacher, the rest 30 % of the workload are devoted to the independent study of the material.

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MA in Energy Politics in Eurasia (ENERPO)

European University at St. Petersburg
Campus Part time 1 year February 2019 Russia Saint Petersburg

The ENERPO program is designed to meet the growing interest in these challenges and considers the importance of these issues for both policymakers and the energy business. Its innovative curriculum combines the perspectives of energy politics, security studies, and political economy, legal studies and is complemented by first-hand expertise in the Eurasian energy sector from experts featured in the ENERPO Workshop Series. [+]

ENERPO: The key to understanding international affairs in the 21st century

Competition and cooperation over the control of Eurasian natural resources will profoundly influence world politics in the 21st century. Crucial issues include the future of the Russo-European oil & gas trade, Russia’s “energy pivot” to Asia, the recent the LNG and shale gas “revolutions”, the recurring geopolitical crises in the post-Soviet space and the Middle East, the great opportunities and the huge profits generated by the energy sector, the use of “energy weapons” and levers, and the pursuit of environmental and economic sustainability, the sanctions regimes on Russia and Iran, and the current falling world price of oil.... [-]