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Individuals who enjoy working with people and want to be intrinsically involved in the education system and process, whether at a public or private institution, will find a Masters of Education to be a highly valuable qualification. A Masters of Education is the minimum required academic qualification for many professional positions within the Education sector in the UK. Whether the aim is to teach, administer, lead, develop policy or consult in the future, experienced professionals or recent bachelors graduates can equally benefit from Masters of Education programs.

Masters of Education programs in the UK are offered on a full time or part time basis at a number of accredited academic institutions across the UK, in London, Oxford, Bath, Liverpool, Norwich or Bangor. Applicants with Bachelors degrees in related disciplines will be considered, while some programs may require a minimum amount of prior teaching experience or knowledge. Masters in Education programs offer a balance of practice- and theory-oriented approaches, with a focus on contemporary methodology. Universities in the UK focus on providing am example for future educators in their Masters of Education programs by promoting one on one contact and lessons with highly qualified, experienced faculty professors. Graduates from Masters of Education programs can go on to become teachers, administrators, or education specialists.

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University of Winchester
Campus Full time 1 - 2  September 2019 United Kingdom Winchester

Established in 1840 as a teacher training college, the University of Winchester has built on this history with high quality and innovative teacher education programmes. This PGCE Primary programme trains students to teach in the 5-11 age range. The programme experience is intensive yet intellectually stimulating - it involves high levels of active participation and personal and professional commitment, enabling the development of thoughtful and high quality entrants to the teaching profession. The PGCE Primary is a postgraduate professional programme of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) leading to the award of either Postgraduate Certificate in Education (with Masters level credits) or Professional Graduate Certificate in Education, both including the recommendation of the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The programme is organised around six modules and includes school experience placements. [+]

The PGCE Primary prepares students to teach across the age ranges of 5-11 (full-time or part-time route).

Students undertake studies in all elements of primary education; they extend their knowledge of learning and teaching, of the breadth and scope of the curriculum and the professional skills associated with high quality teaching. These areas of understanding and skill are then applied to classroom practice during two school experience placements.

Full-time study is arranged to be consistent with the primary school year and starts with a pre-programme 15 days in school/s arranged by the student. Students are provided with a handbook to guide these pre-programme observations and activities.... [-]

MRes in Educational Research

University of Stirling
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full time Part time 12 - 27 months August 2019 United Kingdom Stirling + 2 more

This innovative Masters course prepares you for a career in educational research, whether you plan to go on to a doctorate or take your research in other directions. [+]


This innovative Masters course prepares you for a career in educational research, whether you plan to go on to a doctorate or take your research in other directions.

Under the expert guidance of our team of leading academics, you’ll develop a broad range of research skills. You’ll learn to design and plan research projects and collect, analyse, interpret and report qualitative and quantitative data. By the time you graduate you’ll have a deeper understanding of the theoretical, ethical, political and comparative aspects of carrying out educational research.

The course also covers digital methodologies, and you’ll be involved with cutting-edge research projects currently being carried out by staff in the Faculty of Social Sciences.... [-]

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

University of Essex Online
Online Part time 24 months September 2019 United Kingdom UK Online

Learn to teach in new ways, beyond traditional UK higher education, while also sharing best practices and developing your knowledge alongside peers and fellow education professionals. Created with your continuing professional development in mind, the programme’s content is also linked to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). [+]


Get ready for the teaching practices of the future with this final stage of our Master of Education programme. Building on the knowledge gained from our PG Cert and PG Dip programmes, this Masters in Education course will explore how key findings of cognitive science relate to learning and teaching in an educational context, and how this should affect your own approaches to learning and teaching.

Throughout the course you’ll also learn how to describe the stages and conventions of academic investigation, including framing a research question, writing a proposal and selecting research methods. Working alongside fellow education professionals, you’ll also discover how to adapt confidently to a range of educational contexts, using skills and strategies to solve problems, monitor progress and alter your approaches where necessary.... [-]