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A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


Nearly everywhere one turns, digital technology is to be found. It runs much of our lives, and many organizations and operations could not function without it. To continuously support these tools, devices and applications, specialists concentrate on effective design, development and implementation.

France, officially the French Republic, is a unitary semi-presidential republic located mostly in Western Europe, with several overseas regions and territories.

Paris is the most populated city in France and its capital. It has over 2 million residents. It plays host to leading centers of learning and the arts in the European region. Being home to the highest number of highly educated persons, Paris has several prestigious universities in France.

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AIRE EdTech Masters Program

Center for Research and Interdisciplinary (CRI)
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 France Paris

The aim of this master program is to train future teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs, to provide an understanding of the digital transformations happening in education and to help them design relevant and challenging projects. [+]

Masters in Digital Technology in Paris in France. Take action to promote education The aim of this master program is to train future teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs, to provide an understanding of the digital transformations happening in education and to help them design relevant and challenging projects. Education is now globalized: teaching supports of all kinds are available at all time and everywhere. If it is stimulated by digital economy, education must also compete with it. Schools are urged by society to encourage students’ creativity and eagerness to learn, to inspire them to undertake and share, to develop their lucidity, critical thinking and sense of solidarity. But this goals can’t easily be reached, in a context of social crises, growing inequalities and demographic needs. It is a challenge we are ready to take-up: education is in need for new entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers, and ideally, people with these three characteristics all at once. We are looking for talented students with a particular interest for exploration, experimentation and research. Our candidates must have the desire to work together on exciting collaborative projects and to contribute now to tomorrow’s education. Foster digital people The EdTech program is part of the AIRE master of the universities Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot. It develops an innovative approach of education and a teaching through research pedagogy. Career opportunities A business/job in a startup or an institution At the exit of the master, graduates Become instructional designers, editorial managers or project managers in startups and publishers Create an educational company in Europe, Africa, America or Asia … Take a teaching assignment Begin a thesis and join a laboratory. Publics At the entrance of the Master, students are Sociology students in educational sciences, biology, cognitive science, design, computer science, engineering sciences, Practicing faculty physicians involved in educational innovation. All are passionate about education and believe that its future is crucial for the future. For some students, it is a step aside for a project. This is the case of doctors who want to take time to imagine a serious game, design a simulator to train surgeons, embarking on a participatory science research, manufacture objects connected in a OpenLab for their research. . This is the case of teachers who seek a breath for a job they love and want to re-imagine. For others it is the beginning of a research curriculum that requires knowledge about learning in a digital society and that will combine several disciplines, computer science, cognitive science, physics, biology, humanities and social. For others still, designers, artists, hackers is a creative field, for sustainable development, sharing economy, the development of “common” knowledge. All meet, to discuss the tech ed (Education and technology) with 3 fields of expertise: The educational philosophy and anthropology of knowledge, digital humanities, social sciences Digital techniques, experimentation Entrepreneurship, project management,brainFoster Cadre The CRI makes available to large communities of teachers and researchers its wide experience in training through research, experience heavily supported on digital technologies used creatively. Many training activities have made it possible to capitalize on active steps the research of information, inverted class, student projects, serious games, practice in laboratory. Master 1 The first year will begin with three weeks of bootcamp aiming to give the students the basics in different computer languages and the use of technology for education purposes. The first semester will give the opportunity to every student to pick 5 courses among our curriculum but we advise the students to attend all of them. Students will do a 5 months internship for their second semester. They will be asked to come back once a week to attend lectures on cognitive science and various matters related to innovation and education. Serious games Learning by doing Scientific communication New technologies to create and share knowledge Pedagogical innovation: what is at stake? How does it happen? Open Science and Open Innovation Cognitive science Internship of 5 months Master 2 The second year will mostly be spent in internships. After an introducing week of project building, the students will have to do three internships of three months each. Workshops and lectures will happen one afternoon every week to deal with innovation analyse and design of educational project. Review and critical analysis of pedagogical innovations Internships 3x 3 months [-]

Mastere Digital Marketing

IEA Paris
Campus Full time 2 years October 2017 France Paris

700 000, including 38 000 in France, the figure corresponding to the number of vacancies in ICT in Europe in 2020. Digital trades were on the rise. The IEA Paris prepares you. [+]

700 000, including 38 000 in France, the figure corresponding to the number of vacancies in ICT in Europe in 2020. Digital trades were on the rise. The IEA Paris prepares you. The strategy of IEA Paris is twofold: Management internships and alternation enabling rapid and prolonged immersion in the digital ecosystem Promotion of entrepreneurship that gives creators in the soul the means of their autonomy Master 1 Digital is your universe, you think startups, e-business, web marketing, digital communication and digital processing, Master 1 in Digital Business Management is for you. This one-year program running on the principle of alternation, academic courses and 3-month internship in a company, give you access to the digital ecosystem supporting business transformation and the emergence of a future employee 'actor change. " The MS1 / DBM will give you all the tools related to the creation of value on the web. Real management master, it addresses the fundamental evaluation and steering of digital projects (web, mobile, Internet of Things), the management of data (Big Data, Open Data), risks and digital security, budget management and ROI. Master 2 MS2 / DBM consolidates fundamental covered in Master 1 and gives you the opportunity to develop your own digital project within the IEA LAB. The Master 2 allows you to become a specialist in the creation of value via digital tools. Generate traffic to a site, determine the best SEO, use data to optimize an e-marketing strategy, initiate the digital strategy of a company: these are the challenges of this Master. In the beginning of the program, students have individually or collectively (coworking) a project of creation of start up. This project is subject tutoring (business plan, strategic analysis, financing, legal structuring, etc.) before being presented to our Steering Committee. The selected projects are monitored as part of the IEA LAB. Unsuccessful students can intervene as consultant e-business to develop their coaching skills of innovative projects. The IEA LAB accompanying project developers who wish to have the student-entrepreneur status (D2E) issued by the PEPITE (Pôle students for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship). [-]