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A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


Some learners may choose to educate themselves, although most education is conducted under the guidance of a teacher or instructor. Higher education is often supervised by a professor. Education can occur in a wide variety of settings, either informal or formal.


With university education being upper most level in the education system of the Belgium, the government has put more emphasis to make sure that the students’ lives is made as simple as possible through the loan and grants programs. They offer sponsors for international students with poor and vulnerable backgrounds who would like to study in this country.

Top Master Programs in Education in Belgium 2018

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Master in Education - taught in FRENCH

University of Mons
Campus Full time 2 years September 2018 Belgium Mons

The degree of Master of Educational Sciences trains professionals able to conceive innovative projects, to improve their practices and their reflexion in various fields of education and training. [+]

Best Masters in Education in Belgium 2018. This program is taught in FRENCH. The degree of Master of Educational Sciences trains professionals able to conceive innovative projects, to improve their practices and their reflexion in various fields of education and training. It also makes it possible to develop useful competences to undertake research in educational sciences and to profit from the bases necessary to the continuation of a career of researcher. The program is organized according to two finalities: the specialized finality and the deepned finality. The specialized finality prepares with the practice in various fields of exercise of educational sciences. The step of specialization is however clearly founded on the assets of research in educational sciences and aims at making acquire the competences based on a rigorous scientific approach. The deepned finality has as main objective to prepare with research in educational sciences and to train researchers. The deepned purpose gives an unconditional access to the doctoral formation and the doctorate. Profile of the programme The program adds up at least 120 ECTS distributed over two years of studies comprising 60 ECTS each one. In the two organized finalities (deepened and specialized), the program includes obligatory courses whose objective is to look further into the basic training in educational sciences. The obligatory courses must make it possible any student to acquire a vision of educational sciences which exceeds the strict limits of the finality that he/she chooses. Employment which the holders of the degree have to fill being characterized... [-]

Education Solutions

Center for Creative Leadership
Campus Part time September 2018 Belgium Brussels

The Center's custom solutions are about the future of leadership development. We address individual leader development needs while establishing systematic, integrated leadership development practices within organizations. [+]

In an era of high stakes accountability and rising expectations, the CCL's Education Sector (ES) group brings a leadership development resource to contemporary educators to assist them with the tough but critical job of reforming and restructuring schools and school districts. Strengthening the leadership capability of those responsible for K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities so that educational reforms for excellence can occur is its unique and important mission.

Producing Breakthrough Results in Education

One example of the breakthrough results our programs produce is found in the experiences of the South Carolina Department of Education. Personnel statistics showed nearly half of the state's principals would be eligible to retire within five years, creating an unprecedented demand for new school leaders.... [-]