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By studying Economics in Turkey you will have excellent opportunities for your future career. Turkey is close to both Europe and Asia, a gate-way between the two worlds, by which you will have a unique environment to perfect your skills. Completing your masters degree in Turkey will also give you chances to meet students from different countries and enjoy a rich culture and warm climate.

A master in Economics will give you detailed knowledge about production, supply and demand, market, public sector and more. Depending on your personal needs, you can choose between full-time, part-time and online studies. In any case, your studies of Economics will be supported by professionals.

Whether you seek to widen your career opportunities, increase your knowledge in Economics or wish to take part in an international learning experience, take a look at the Master of Economics programs in Turkey below!

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Master in Economics

Izmir University of Economics
Campus Full time 2 years September 2018 Turkey Balçova

Master in Economics [+]

Best Masters in Economics in Turkey 2018. Courses ECON 571 Microeconomic Theory 1 ECON 573 Macroeconomic Theory 1 ECON 576 Econometrics ECON 595 Seminar ECON 599 Master Thesis Elective Courses ECON 507 Economics of Financial Markets ECON 517 Financial Econometrics ECON 520 International Macroeconomics ECON 522 Turkish Economy ECON 527 Financial Economics ECON 530 Energy Economics and Finance ECON 531 Decision Economics ECON 534 The Global Economic and Financial Crisis ECON 535 Economic and Financial Networks ECON 572 Microeconomic Theory 2 ECON 574 Macroeconomic Theory 2 ECON 575 Statistics Application Requirements for International Students ... [-]

Master of Economics

Zirve University
Campus Full time Part time 4 semesters September 2018 Turkey Gaziantep + 1 more

The Economics postgraduate program is designed to provide students advanced knowledge in Economics. [+]

Program Description

Zirve University is proud to introduce its Master's Degree in Economics. Economics is the scientific study of how to use resources in the best possible way. Economics focuses on the use of resources in a social world; the individual, the firm, and through markets. The effect of government policy is of particular interest.

The Economics M.A. program of Zirve University aims to prepare graduates for careers in business, government, or towards further advancement in academia. Successful students will master the economic theory on a high level, will learn to apply theory to answer applied economic questions and to express and explain these finding verbally and in writing.... [-]