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Economic Studies

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

An exciting and unique field, economics and administration involves the study of both the larger economy and individual behavior within that economy. An advanced knowledge of economics plus training in business, finance and public policy afford many career opportunities for experts to assist both public and private sector organizarions.

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Master's Degree in Economics and Finance Management

University of L'Aquila
Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy L'Aquila

Master Degree in Administration Economics and Finance [+]


Master degree


2 years



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Free access with verification of the suitability of staff preparation


Italian (English for some courses, if foreign students are enrolled)

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Course cards and course teachers Cost Analysis and Management - Mandanici Francesca Public Accounting - Juliet Walter International Accounting - Pisani Michele Law on Industrial Relations - Lambertucci Pietro European Union Law - Politi Fabrizio - Pulsoni Pietro Bankruptcy Law - D'Orazio Luigi Industrial Law - Greek Francis Regional Law and Local Authorities - Politi Fabrizio - Di Pangrazio Giovanni Tax law - Dagnino Alessandro Contractual Disciplines - Marinelli Fabrizio - Cervale Maria Cristina Econometrics - Triac Umberto Economics of financial intermediaries - Mori Margherita International Economics - Peace Joseph Labor Economics - Tironi Francesca Economy of local autonomy - Fiorino Nadia Economy and budget of the groups - Berti Fabrizio Economics and Finance of Decentralized Governments - Fiorino Nadia Economy and management of service companies - Taccone Loredana Economy and Local Development Policy - Mastronardi Giovanni Economy and European Integration Policy - Mill Marcella Industrial Economy - Valente Marco International Industrial Economics - Iapadre Pasquale Lelio Applied international economics - Iapadre Pasquale Lelio Monetary Economics - Giallo Luisa Corporate Finance II - Peace Roberta International Labor Law (Old Industrial Law) - Old Lina Labor economics - (Business Economics) - Tironi Francesca Managing organizational networks (Mutual Planning and Management of Organizational Networks) - Biggiero Lucio Leadership skills and organizational behavior (leadership skills and organizational behaviors) -... [-]