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A master’s degree involves course work that is a continuation of what is taught in prior courses or degrees, but with more depth and concentration. Those who have completed a bachelor’s or an equivalent degree can apply for a master’s.

What is a Master of Economics and Administration in Brazil? This course typically lasts one to two years and involves a number of requirements as well as elective classes in fundamentals of business administration and economics, finance, industrial organization and public policy. The student is evaluated through tests and is usually required to complete a master’s thesis on a chosen topic that is approved by the faculty.

Following the completion of this master’s degree, the graduate will typically have a well-rounded understanding of the principles of economics and business administration and will be well-versed in economic theory as well as practical aspects of running a company.

The cost of a Master of Economics and Administration varies according to the institution, the length of study and other factors. It is possible to apply for loans and other forms of financial aid, as well as engage in work study to gain experience and help defray the costs of the degree.

The list of careers that are open to graduates is long, since many employers are seeking graduates who have a background in business administration and economics. Those who complete the degree often work for large or small companies in management positions, may be employed in a consulting firm, or become entrepreneurs. They may work in the public sector for government organizations and think tanks. In addition, a number of graduates teach economics or business administration at universities and colleges.

To apply for a Master of Economics and Administration in Brazil, look through the offerings at universities and other institutions of higher learning. Online learning options are becoming increasingly popular and widely available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master's degree in creative economics management

Campus Part-time 2 years March 2020 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The Professional Master's Degree is directly related to innovation and applied research. By means of a high-level academic formation, in line with the solid research base and the thematic applications for the labor market, it is possible to analyze situations arising from everyday life in a broader scope and to anticipate them.

Master in financial management, audit and controllership

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full-time 360 hours March 2020 Brazil Aracaju

strengthening networking and team of teachers trained by experienced professionals in management.

Professional master's degree in business administration - management, internationalization and logistics

Universidade Do Vale Do Itajaí
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 years March 2020 Brazil Itajaí Balneário Camboriú + 2 more

The University of Vale do Itajaí - Univali plays a significant role in Santa Catarina and national academic development through its undergraduate and graduate programs, a fact which places it among the leading universities in the state of Santa Catarina. This prominent role, however, the university requires a commitment to improving the skills of current and future professionals ...