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Even after completing a bachelor’s degree, many students may not be ready to enter their career field. Enrolling in a master’s program can give students expert knowledge in their chosen occupations, making them eligible for a variety of interesting jobs.

What is a Master in Criminal Law? This type of program typically helps students develop in-depth knowledge about the criminal justice system and how it relates to the law. Classes may cover topics such as criminal procedure, laws, security, and investigative techniques. Each course is designed to give students a deeper understanding of what laws mean and how to fully investigate crimes while following criminal law procedures.

While enrolled in any educational program, students develop many skills, and a Master in Criminal Law can help them cultivate critical aptitudes that could lead to job advancements. Analytical and research skills may prove useful on the career track, while organizational abilities can help with personal endeavors as well.

Because there are many variables when it comes to the price of a master’s degree, the cost varies among universities. Each school has set tuition costs, and the location of the classes could also play a factor in the overall price.

Students with a background in criminal law may have access to many diverse and interesting careers. Those who wish to continue their education may decide to become lawyers, while those who choose a career after earning a master’s degree could find jobs as police officers. Others choose jobs in security. Some become government agents, working for the FBI or CIA.

To enroll in a master’s program, decide whether you prefer to take classes on campus or online. Taking classes online may be a great option for students living in remote areas or juggling busy lives. To find the right school, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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2 Results in Criminal Law

Grupo Tiradentes

The specialization course in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the University Center Tiradentes (UNIT-AL) in partnership with Superior Law School (ESA - OAB / AL) pr ... [+]

Differentials Course

The specialization course Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Tiradentes University Centre (UNIT-AL) in partnership with Superior Law School (ESA - OAB / AL) proposes a multidisciplinary graduate, theoretical and practical, aimed at updating and the formation of a professional able to act in the areas of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. This is an innovative project as it covers issues and practices inherent to the various legal professions. The approach used in the course goes on to consider the professional needs of lawyers and new challenges in the training of a law degree.


General: theoretically qualify the legal practitioners, as well as other human and social areas, through an interdisciplinary analysis of biopsychosocial variables that are part of the phenomenon of violence in today's complex society, but also of the flaws in the control institutions. Moreover, the course aims in particular at improving the practical and professional training, enabling a more efficient and responsible exercise in legal and social activities. ... [-]

Brazil Aracaju
March 2019
374 hours
UNH School of Law

UNH Law's master's degree in International Criminal Law and Justice is available 100 percent online and addresses fast-paced developments in the globalization of commerce ... [+]

UNH Law's master's degree in International Criminal Law and Justice is available 100 percent online and addresses fast-paced developments in the globalization of commerce, terrorism, human rights, and criminal law, especially over the past 30 years.

The program is ideal for practicing lawyers, professionals, students, and scholars in diplomatic, criminal justice, military, and law enforcement communities around the world. Students gain insight from the program’s multi-national approach and master transnational law courses focused on domestic crimes with international implications, and also study the implications of nations expanding the reach of their domestic criminal statutes, the creation of the International Criminal Court and Special Tribunals and United Nations conventions, with bi- and multi-lateral treaties.... [-]

USA Concord
September 2019
12 - 60 months