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A masters degree in costume design is a university degree program that seeks to impart knowledge to students interested in costume design; an art that allows students to gain the necessary skills for them to pursue careers in the theater and entertainment industry. A costume designer is expected to create clothing items that represent character, period or class; aspects that are considered core in performances. Therefore, a master in costume design is expected to have the necessary skills to utilize costume technology as well as creativity in conforming to the excitement associated with entertainment and live performances in theaters. A masters degree in costume design presents students with an opportunity to utilize their creativity, in the use of a variety of fabrics to design costumes to fit any occasion or role in plays and film. The program offers an opportunity for students to pursue their career goals in theater and performance while undertaking the program in the university. Research is central in the program; understanding the fabrics in order to come up with a perfect costume for the occasion is a skill that should be obtained by the student before the end of the masters program. With the entertainment industry raking in billions of dollars for countries across the globe, more countries continue to appreciate the economic role of the industry. More investments are being directed towards the industry and for graduates of costume design; this translates to job opportunities for them. Enrolling for a masters program in costume design, therefore, offers a student an opportunity to utilize their creativity while pursuing their career goals.

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Idep Barcelona

In addition to the familiar power of film, the world of television drama series, contemporary and vintage, is growing both at home and abroad, and have become the main ar ... [+]

In addition to the familiar power of film, the world of television drama series, contemporary and vintage, is growing both at home and abroad, and have become the main argument of the programming of the big chains national and international. The same applies to the circus, contemporary dance, music or theater, all creators of dream worlds and individual and sophisticated designs scenery and costumes.

Given this reality, the professional required for Costume Design and Production must be highly skilled in the art. A professional management requirements translate into an attractive and appealing to the viewer, who can translate to a garment psychology of a character and the dramatic evolution from a script design, but at the same time produce knowledge from a thorough knowledge of the techniques of more specific and creative pattern and can perform tests that costumes for actors and dancers with a physiognomy and very specific needs.... [-]

Spain Barcelona
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1 year
Accademia Costume & Moda

The Master in The Art and Craft of the Costume Designer is in collaboration with costume shops, shoe factories, makeup, and hairstyle laboratories, Roman millineries and ... [+]


The role of the costume designer is fundamental in the opera house and in cinema: an artist who knows costume history and tradition, its roots, anthropological and psychological interpretations, emotional suggestions, that through his creations dictates the measure of time in which the story takes place, the psychology of the characters, faithfully reflecting what is expressed in music.

This Master Course trains professionals as assistant costume designers, consultant costume designers, professional costumiers able to work at both national and international levels since graduates are able to analyze and creatively interpret the theme, perform in-depth historical research; realize the sketches of costumes, sample fabrics, follow the manufacturing, design accessories, makeup and wigs needed for production.... [-]

Italy Rome
November 2019
1 year