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As technology grows and changes more and more rapidly each year, Computer Science experts are always in high demand, developing solutions to our technological and computer-based problems. Master in Computer Science programs are designed for graduates from undergraduate Computer Science courses, and provide a more in depth study opportunity. Ideal for individuals whose career goals may include being an entrepreneur, IT analyst, applications programmer, database manager or systems administrator, a Master of Computer Science from a school in the USA is a wise investment in your future.

There are a number of possible areas of concentration for study in the Master of Computer Science field at universities in the USA. Information Systems, Health Informatics, Web and Multimedia Design, Systems Engineering, Instructional Design and Technology, Cybersecurity, Computer Management and more are some of the areas of specialization offered at universities in California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and around the USA. Master of Computer Science programs in the USA normally take one to two years to complete, and some are offered part time, online or through distance learning.

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University of Illinois Master of Computer Science in Data Science

Online Part-time 24 - 36  September 2019 USA USA Online

A flexible and affordable degree from one of the top Computer Science programs in the world focused on one of the hottest fields of the new millennium.

Master of Science in Computer Science

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 - 4 years September 2019 USA Redmond + 1 more

The Master of Science in Computer Science allows students to further their understanding of computer science while focusing on its applications in video game and simulation software development.

Master in Computer Science

Western Illinois University College of Business and Technology
Campus Full-time August 2019 USA Macomb Bettendorf

At Western Illinois University, graduate study in computer science offers the exciting opportunity to work with faculty in their research in artificial intelligence; architecture, database, graphics, languages, networking, and systems design. You will also be able to access a variety of computer hardware and the best of current software.

MicroMasters Program in e-Learning: creates activities and contents for virtual teaching (Galileo University)

Online Full-time Part-time 12 - 16 weeks January 2020 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Make effective eLearning for training in organizations; higher education and middle education.

MicroMasters Program in Algorithms and Data Structures (The University of California, San Diego)

Online Full-time Part-time 24 - 56 weeks April 2019 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Master algorithmic programming techniques necessary for top software engineering professions.

MicroMasters Program in Software Testing and Verification (University of Maryland University College)

Online Full-time Part-time 24 weeks March 2020 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Learn methods and techniques to test and verify software to advance your career as a software tester or software developer.

MicroMasters Program in Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods (Georgia Tech)

Online Full-time Part-time 75 weeks September 2019 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Learn fundamental, in-demand analytics skills to maximize business impact and advance your career as an analyst.

MicroMasters Program in Software Development (University of British Columbia)

Online Full-time Part-time 37 weeks September 2019 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Learn the design approaches to software engineering, which allow experts to work in any programming language and build a project portfolio using Java, Typescript and more.

MicroMasters Program in Professional Android Developement (Galileo University)

Online Full-time Part-time 25 - 40 weeks January 2020 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Become a professional Android Developer as you learn, alongside Google Developer Experts, how to create successful Apps.

MicroMasters Program in Artificial Intelligence (Columbia University)

Online Full-time Part-time 48 weeks September 2019 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Earn a MicroMasters® program credential in Artificial Intelligence from Columbia University to launch your career in computer science and design the future.

MPS - Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis

Utica College Online
Online Part-time 2 years May 2019 USA Utica

The online Master of Professional Studies in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis prepares cybersecurity and policy decision makers in industry and government to understand and implement responsible oversight of cybersecurity policy and practice. Graduates incorporate legal, ethical and moral principles in investigating and managing the risks of data collection, fusion, and control.

Master in Videogame Programming

Universal Arts School
Campus Online Full-time 2 years September 2019 USA Los Angeles Spain Valencia + 3 more

Learn to equip your video games with artificial intelligence. Learn to program within the most used video game engines on the market, UNREAL ENGINE and UNITY. You will learn and/or deepen in languages ​​such as JavaScript, C ++, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Three.js and C #. In this 8-month master, all the sections of the Videogames program are learned in depth and prepare you to present a final project.

Master of Computer Science

McGovern Education Group
Campus Full-time 1 - 2 years September 2019 USA Oklahoma City

A Master of Computer Science offers a variety of benefits, including a level of advanced knowledge and proficiency that enables graduates to critically evaluate and improve emerging software technologies and applications.

Master in Machine Learning

Stevens Institute of Technology - Graduate Studies
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 2 years August 2019 USA Hoboken + 2 more

Get on the fast track to make an impact in one of today’s fastest growing fields with a master’s degree in machine learning.

Master in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Stevens Institute of Technology - Graduate Studies
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 2 years August 2019 USA Hoboken + 2 more

Become a sought-after expert with cutting-edge knowledge and strong professional connections.