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Computer Science

A Masters degree is an academic degree awarded to individuals who successfully denote a higher level of expertise. There are two main types of Masters - taught and research.

There are several fields that make up the broader field of computer science. One of these fields is the computational complexity theory, which can be very abstract. Other fields, such as computer graphics, deal more with concrete and hands-on visuals.  


Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spanish universities regulate access to their own degrees and they fix the academic fees. They can also offer unofficial postgraduate degrees. The capital city Madrid has possibly the largest number of bars per capita of any European city and a very active nightlife.

Zaragoza city is located in the banks of Ebro River in the Zaragoza Province, Spain. It is home of one of the oldest cities in Spain, the University of Zaragoza.

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Master's Degree In Advanced Software Technologies For Mobile Devices

San Jorge University / Fundacion Universidad San Jorge
Campus Full time 1 year October 2017 Spain Zaragoza

The Master in Advanced Software Technologies for Mobile Devices is the first in Spain in its field leading to an official qualification and that provides the necessary skills to face the new challenges inherent in mobile applications. [+]

Masters in Computer Science in Zaragoza in Spain. The October 23 begins the Fourth Edition of the Master in Advanced Software Technologies for Mobile Devices. This master's degree is the first in Spain in its field leading to an official title and gives the necessary skills to face the new challenges inherent in mobile applications. Technology highlights Hiberus scholarship. The Hiberus Group offer 26 spaces external academic practices have an economic scholarship to students enrolled in the Masters in the academic year 2015-2016. During a period of ten months, the beneficiary will combine the internship program in the company with the development of the Final Project. External academic practices should be made during the period in which the curse Master is unable to match the schedule of the practices with the school schedule Master. The student gets the perfect combination between the technical and the business side. Know the market, the steps to be an entrepreneur and current market niches in applications for mobile devices. Objectives and competences Study of different mobile device platforms. Study of cross-cutting issues to different mobile platforms: Usability applications, advanced databases and adhoc networks. Study of languages ​​and software modeling methodologies at different levels of abstraction applied to mobile platforms. In the case of making a career path: Study of current market niches in the field of mobile applications. In the case of making a research itinerary: Study of the current state of the art research applications on mobile devices. Program MODULE KIND CREDITS ANDROID PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT mandatory 4 DEVELOPMENT IN THE IOS Platform: iPhone - IPAD mandatory 4 USER EXPERIENCE IN MOBILE APPLICATIONS mandatory 4 DATABASE ADVANCED MOBILE mandatory 6 ADHOC NETWORKS BETWEEN DEVICES mandatory 4 JOINED BY APPLICATION SOFTWARE PRODUCT LINES mandatory 3 INDEPENDENT MODELING APPLICATIONS PLATFORM mandatory 4 COMPILATION OF MODELS CODE SPECIFIC PLATFORMS mandatory 3 INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH Optional 3 STATE OF THE ART IN RESEARCH FOR MOBILE Optional 6 ENTREPRENEURS AND COMPANIES IN THE MARKET APPLICATIONS FOR MOBILE DEVICES Optional 3 NICHES FOR MOBILE APPLICATIONS Optional 6 END OF MASTER WORK mandatory 19 - Total 60 [-]