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A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

The foundations of computer science actually date back to before the modern computer had actually been created. For instance, algorithms for computing have been around for hundreds of years. One book of Sanskrit algorithms dates back to 800 BC.

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign country located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. The name "Korea" is derived from Goryeo, a dynasty which ruled in the Middle Ages. South Korea is now a liberal democracy and an economic powerhouse. The most prestigious comprehensive universities are Seoul National University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Yonsei University and Korea University.

Seoul is also called South Korea’s mega city because of having over 10million inhabitants. Seoul is located in the Gyeonggi Province as has 25 administrative districts. It is home of many of the prestigious universities in South Korea.

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South Korea
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Kookmin University

Due to the ubiquity of computers and the remarkable development of communication systems, there is a rapidly increasing social need for various kinds of information and i ... [+]

Master of Computer Science

With the goal of nurturing global IT specialties, students in the Computer Science major systematically study the basic theories of computer science in the introductory courses. Then they apply the basic theories in computer science applications in the junior and senior years.

The curricula culminate in the Project I and II courses in which students choose a specialized topic, conduct research, and develop their graduation portfolio. This procedure helps students see the big picture of computer systems, deepens their knowledge on a selected topic, and gives practice in project management skills. In addition to the major courses, students must take the required courses in math, basic science, and liberal arts courses in order to acquire necessary basic knowledge and elements of culture.... [-]

South Korea Seoul
March 2020
Pohang University of Science and Technology

Computer Science and Engineering is the academic discipline devoted to the study and research of various aspects of information technology, which has become the core indi ... [+]

Master in Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering is the academic discipline devoted to the study and research of various aspects of information technology, which has become the core indispensable technology of the 21st century. It covers a wide range of subjects relating to computing, from the theoretical foundations of computing to application systems based on information technology.Our goal is to further our knowledge of the principals, algorithms, techniques, and applications for all components of computing systems. Considering that most human activities use information in a high tech society, the significance of computer science and engineering is paramount, not only to maintain a technological edge but also to improve people’s quality of life.The Computer Science and Engineering Department at POSTECH provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs to educate students who will become national and worldwide leaders in information technology with a balanced knowledge of theory and practice. The Department also conducts world-class research in a comprehensive range of information technology areas. The research areas of the department are broadly divided into four areas; System and Software, AI and Data Analysis, Digital Media and Networks. The faculty members of the department are leading experts in their research fields and have carried out extensive research on the critical issues of information science. Their research results are well recognized and they are actively involved in key roles for research activities in Korean and Worldwide. The department has one government-supported research center (ITRC) and one national research lab (NRL).The education vision of the department... [-]

South Korea Gyeongsan-si Seoul
March 2020