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A master’s degree furthers the education of students who have earned an undergraduate degree. A Master in Coastal and Marine Management offers in-depth study of sustainability, natural resources, and management.

You may be asking, what is a Master in Coastal and Marine Management? It is an interdisciplinary, international degree in the area of resource management. Most programs emphasize methods and ideas from sociology, economics, ecology, and business studies. Graduates have knowledge of the valuable and diverse resources of the sea and coast, understand their present condition, and have the expertise and tools to encourage sustainability of marine resources.

There are multiple benefits for those who earn their Masters in Coastal and Marine Management. The degree gives graduates the opportunity to work in many different areas of the world, and they are able to make some major changes. Their work helps to improve the environment and make it a better place for generations to come, and their management skills are beneficial in many areas of life.

There are international programs all over the world for coastal and marine management. Costs can vary quite a bit depending on the school and duration of the program. Research multiple universities and find out from them directly what your financial obligations would be.

A master’s degree in coastal and marine management prepares graduates for high level careers in a variety of areas. These include employment in the scientific and technical realms, mediating and advising in management roles, and implementing new instruments on the territorial coastal and marine field. Graduates are also prepared for consulting positions in ocean energy, environmental restoration, management, marine resources, spatial planning, dredging, and oil.

It is easy to use our database to look for the perfect coastal and marine management program for your needs. Get started with your education right away and begin looking today. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

13 Results in Coastal and Marine Management

Doctorate in oceanography

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Campus Full-time Part-time September 2019 Spain Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Centre: Faculty of Marine Sciences Qualifications: Ph.D. in Oceanography. Type: Doctorate. Rama Sciences. ECTS Credit Hours: 25

Master's degree in coastal management

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Campus Full-time Part-time September 2019 Spain Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Centre: Faculty of Marine Sciences Qualifications: Master in Coastal Management. Type: Master. Rama Sciences. ECTS Credit Hours: 25

Master of Marine Conservation

Victoria University of Wellington
Campus Full-time Part-time 12 - 24 months July 2019 New Zealand Wellington + 1 more

With the increasing pressures on the marine environment, both in the South Pacific region and worldwide, experts in the conservation and management of marine organisms and ecosystems are in demand.

Master in Sustainable Water Management

Kristianstad University Sweden
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 Sweden Kristianstad

Degradation of water and water resources is a worldwide issue. Given the importance of water to socio-economy, human and ecosystem health, an integrated approach is required if sustainable development is to be achieved.

Master in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy - University of Split
Campus Full-time 4 semesters October 2019 Croatia Split

The program educates engineers enabling them to solve environmental and water resources problems by applying principles from natural sciences, engineering, economics and other disciplines.

Masters of Marine & Environmental Science

University of the Virgin Islands
Campus Full-time September 2019 Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie USA

The Master of Marine and Environmental Science (MMES) degree provides students with the training and skills necessary for planning, conducting, and evaluating research in marine and environmental science.

Master's Program - Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Campus Full-time 2 years August 2019 Sweden Umeå Alsike Alnarp + 2 more

The Master's Program - Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations covers different aspects of the management and conservation of fish and wildlife, including scientific theory and methods, as well as relevant laws and conventions at the international level.

Master's degree in marine science and technology

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)
Online Part-time 6 months Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona

The growing importance of sustainable management is acquiring the marine and coastal ecosystems in state policies is demonstrated in numerous international agreements signed in recent years

Master in Environmental Assessment and Management: Water and Coastal Management

University of Bologna
Campus Full-time 2 years August 2019 Italy Ravenna Portugal Faro Spain Cádiz + 4 more

The EMJMD WACOMA promotes academic excellence through the implementation of a teaching programme that aims at developing common understanding and at deepening scientific knowledge in the vital, challenging and continuously evolving field of water and coastal ecosystems.

MPhil in Marine Environmental Science

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 - 4 years September 2019 Hong Kong

The MPhil programme aims to train postgraduate students to conduct independent research in Marine Environmental Science. Submission and successful defence of a thesis based on original research are required.

Master in Marine Science (MarS)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Campus 3 semesters September 2019 Saudi Arabia Thuwal

The Marine Science (MarS) Program takes advantage of KAUST’s location on the Red Sea, a living laboratory with great potential for exciting science. The program addresses the biology and ecology of the multitude of marine life forms. There is an intentional focus on the local Red Sea system, both as a primary study system and as a system with which general concepts from other marine systems can be compared.

Master in Polar and Marine Sciences (POMOR)

Saint Petersburg University
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Russia Saint Petersburg

The course offers insights into polar and marine ecology, oceanography, geology and climate change. The students stand a chance to engage with expeditions on board of the leading German and Russian research vessels.

Master in Coastal and Marine Management

University Centre of the Westfjords
Campus Full-time Part-time 18 - 24 months September 2019 Iceland Ísafjörður + 1 more

Master in Coastal and Marine Management is a cross-disciplinary resource management program that focuses on coastal and marine issues and mainly draws...