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Clinical Psychology

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

The study of clinical psychology can impart knowledge in psychological assessment, the scientific and theoretical foundations of psychology and intervention techniques. Students learn in a variety of settings such as classroom instruction as well as face-to-face practice and other fieldwork.

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spanish universities regulate access to their own degrees and they fix the academic fees. They can also offer unofficial postgraduate degrees. The capital city Madrid has possibly the largest number of bars per capita of any European city and a very active nightlife.

Top Master Programs in Clinical Psychology in Spain 2018

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Master's Degree In Humanistic Psychotherapy And Experiential Psychotherapy Focused On Emotion

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Campus Full time 1 year January 2018 Spain Madrid

This program psychologists who are pursuing the Master's Degree in Health General Psychology, as well as other psychologists or physicians who wish to obtain a specialization in humanistic psychotherapy in their work contexts, interested in a deeper understanding of human beings and their addresses being in the world. [+]

Master in Humanistic Psychotherapy Experiential Psychotherapy and Emotion Focused

As a result of the regulation of the profession of Psychologist General Health, students who wish to practice psychology in health or clinical setting should take the professionalizing Master (MPGS) or specialize by way of Psychologist Specialist in Clinical Psychology (PIR ). Both routes offer a complete and extensive training on general issues of the profession of clinical or health psychologist, but many students also want a deeper specialization in models of humanistic psychotherapy. Moreover, Focused Psychotherapy Emotion is currently the head of humanistic psychotherapy internationally recognized. Therefore, the program is designed in line with the 3 levels of training provided by the team Lelsie Greenberg at York University Psychology Clinic, so that the basis for an internationally recognized training are based.... [-]